MONSOONS: The Best Time To Use Air-Conditioner

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MONSOONS: The Best Time To Use Air-Conditioner

By IFB | July 14, 2021

Surprised? Switching on an air-conditioner certainly isn’t a natural response to the cool, breezy monsoon weather. The temperature might be ideal for chai and chaat, but the accompanying humidity can wreak havoc on our health and our homes. With an IFB air-conditioner, you can nip these problems in the bud with technology that cares for you. 

The monsoon storms cause ambient humidity levels to spike, perfect conditions for bacteria, germs and mould to proliferate in. Levels of 70 per cent or more increase the risk of mould in your home, and during the monsoons, it is quite common for humidity to hit more than 80 per cent. You might find the walls damp, your curtains or clothes giving off a funny smell and maybe even condensate on your windows. Using a good air-conditioner can help you control the humidity in the room.

Why you should use an AC during monsoon? Here are the following reasons:

Reduce Humidity Quickly


Comfort is vital in a world constantly bombarding us with stressors. The last thing you need is to deal with clothes that never seem to dry, hideous fungus making itself comfortable in hard-to-reach corners of your home and an uncomfortable, hot, stickiness that sets in as soon as the sun peeks through the clouds.

Ideally, indoor humidity should be between 40-60 per cent for that pleasantly cool, dry feeling. IFB’s FastCool air-conditioning technology helps you get there in minutes. The promise is zero compromise on air quality, cooling comfort and peace of mind.

Simply switching to ‘Dry Mode’ on the ergonomic remote helps drop the moisture in your home to a level that keeps it free of uninvited microscopic guests.

Break The Mould


Mould grows best between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. In many places across India, this is the average temperature range for most of the year. Throw in aggressive humidity and you have the perfect conditions for moulds to thrive in as they require lots of water to grow and spread. 

Homes on the ground floor, in older buildings, those located close to large water bodies or along the coast and those facing the brunt of the monsoon rains are particularly susceptible to seepage. Left unchecked, mould can slowly destroy the surface it is growing on. 

Using an IFB air-conditioner can improve the life of your home - from the furniture and upholstery to your books, important documents and even stone floors. Its Fastcool technology with a Long Air Throw feature ensures that refreshed air reaches every corner of the room quickly and evenly.

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More Than Just Cool Air


Air-conditioners today provide more than just cooling. In addition to its effective Dry Mode that helps reduce humidity in the room, IFB FastCool air-conditioners employ a seven-stage air treatment system, to keep your home dust, germ and odour-free.Watch this space for the next blog on why IFB’s 7 stage air treatment is essential in monsoons.

IFB air-conditioners promise the perfect combination of world-class technology, energy efficiency and quality service. And your family deserves nothing short of perfect.

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