How IFB Commercial Solutions are Aiding Hospital Hygiene during COVID-19

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How IFB Commercial Solutions are Aiding Hospital Hygiene during COVID-19

By IFB | December 31, 2020

Food and clothing are the quintessential human needs, and their hygiene delivery and consumption becomes even more imperative in a hospital setting due to the possibilities of germ contraction. As the healthcare

industry battles the COVID-19 pandemic, we at IFB realise the need for germ-free laundry and dishwashing to ensure that the items patients and caregivers consume, wear, and come in contact with are completely free of contamination to curb possible infection spread.

IFB Commercial Laundry and Dishwashing Solutions

Using wash temperatures up to 90°C and rinse temperature as high as 85°C, IFB Commercial Solutions range ensures the best hygiene standards are maintained for ward, ICU and operation theatre linen, clothing, and aprons, along with dishes and utensils that are used to serve food to patients.

IFB’s extensive range of industrial laundry and dishwashing solutions further maximise hygiene by automating the process of cleaning dishes and laundry to accommodate the various needs of hospital.

Germ-free Linen with IFB Commercial Laundry Solutions

IFB boasts an expansive range of industrial washer extractor, tumble dryer, flat work ironer, automatic sheet folders, finishing equipment and accessories to facilitate washing, drying, movement and storage of linen in the most hygienic manner with minimal human touch.

As per hospital laundry guidelines by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), soiled linen should be handled with a minimum amount of agitation to prevent microbial contamination of air and of personnel handling the linen.


It is essential to have a clean room to avoid interaction between clean and soiled linen. 
IFB Commercial’s Hygienic Barrier Washer is built to meet such standards. It allows for front-loading and rear unloading in sequence to prevent cross-contamination between dirty and clean linen.
Furthermore, wash cycle temperatures up to 90°C in IFB Commercial washer-extractors offer the highest levels of hygiene by making certain no bacteria or organism survives the high temperature. IFB machines also have an option of using purified water in the last rinse, which increases linen life and reduces lint.

Optimal Hygiene with IFB Commercial Dishwashing Solutions

IFB’s industrial dishwashing solutions deliver hygienically clean cutlery, which is critical in the hospital setting to avoid contamination and spread of germs & bacteria through food residue.

As per the Indian Institute of Public health and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, most germs including bacteria are killed at temperatures of 65-70°C. We ensure this benchmark is maintained in all our industrial dishwashing machines.

Wash temperatures of 55-70°C and rinse temperature up to 85°C in IFB industrial dishwashers and glasswashers kill germs & bacteria that may have grown on leftover food. Zero-touch further guarantees that no contamination occurs during the dishwashing process.

Coping with the COVID-19 Challenge and Beyond

With our focus on hygiene and safety, IFB has been at the forefront of providing laundry and dishwashing solutions to the healthcare sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have catered to various district and civil hospitals across India and have set up laundry solutions for COVID-19 quarantine facilities like Government Hospital Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh; LLR Hospital, Kanpur; Chamarajanagar Medical College and Thane, Mumbai, COVID-19 centre.

Even as we pray that the COVID-19 pandemic ends soon, IFB, through its innovative industrial solutions, is deeply committed to safeguarding the hospital setting and the lives of patients and caregivers – unlike ever before.

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