How to Select the Ideal Wash Cycle for Different Fabrics in Your Washing Machine

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How to Select the Ideal Wash Cycle for Different Fabrics in Your Washing Machine

By IFB | April 16, 2024

Taking care of your clothes involves more than just selecting the right detergent—it's also about understanding your fabrics and selecting the appropriate wash cycle in your washing machine. Each fabric—cotton, wool, silk, or synthetics—has unique characteristics that need specific care to ensure longevity.

Choosing the wrong wash cycle can lead to faded colours, lost texture, and even damaged fibres, shortening the life of your beloved garments. On the other hand, a correctly chosen wash cycle can make your clothes look newer for longer, preserving their colour, texture, and structural integrity. Whether you're operating a top load automatic washing machine or a fully automatic front load washing machine, the key to optimal fabric care lies in your understanding and application of the proper wash cycles.

Different Wash Programs for Different Fabric

At IFB, we believe that understanding this crucial aspect of fabric care is the first step towards making each wash not just a cleaning process but a fabulous experience for your clothes.

Understanding the Unique Requirements of Different Fabrics

The variety and complexity of fabrics in our wardrobes today demand more than just a generic approach to laundry. Every fabric—from the ubiquitous cotton to the luxurious silk—has unique care requirements that dictate how they should be washed, dried, and ironed. For instance, cotton, known for its durability and absorbency, can endure higher temperatures during washing, whereas polyester—a popular synthetic fabric—requires lower temperatures to maintain its colour and structure.

Then we have delicate fabrics like silk and wool, which demand a gentle washing approach to protect their delicate fibres. This understanding of fabric care is essential, but the challenge often lies in selecting the appropriate wash cycle in your washing machine that aligns with these unique fabric needs.

However, with IFB's innovative laundry solutions, this problem is seamlessly addressed. Whether you use a top load automatic washing machine or a fully automatic front load washing machine, IFB's specialised programs for different fabrics, such as Cotton Program, Synthetic Program, Cradle Wash for Silk, and a customised program for wool, make it easy to give each fabric the care it deserves.

Matching Fabrics with the Appropriate Wash Cycles

Matching Fabrics with the Appropriate Wash Cycles

IFB's cutting-edge technologies put you in control of simplifying the complex process of fabric care. The core of this innovative approach is the AI-powered 9 Swirl Wash technology, which elegantly marries the meticulousness of handwashing with the efficiency of automatic washing machines.

Our 9 Swirl Wash technology operates on a neural network-based algorithm, precisely discerning the fabric type and weight. This smart system adjusts each load's wash duration, water level, and gentleness. The algorithm governs nine distinct motions - roll over, tumble over, step over, cradle, squeeze, scrub, swing, scrub & swing, and step & roll, ensuring optimal care for many fabrics.

Let's delve into the various programs powered by the 9 Swirl Wash technology:

IFB Washing Machine - Wash Programs

  • Cotton Normal/Uniform is perfect for everyday cotton garments like shirts, pants, towels, and bed linen.
  • Synthetic/Daily program is ideal for synthetic daily wear.
  • Mixed Soiled+ caters to various cotton, synthetic, or easy-care garments, excluding delicate or special fabrics.
  • Cradle Wash is for your delicate clothes. This program handles hand wash-only items, including lingerie and sheer fabrics.
  • Woollens program handles machine-washable wool garments, ensuring they maintain their structure and softness.
  • Express Wash is for lightly soiled, coloured laundry made of various fabrics.
  • The Bulky/Bedding program addresses larger items like blankets, bedding covers, and even machine-washable curtains.
  • The Baby Wear program is designed for baby clothes, cloth diapers, pillows, and bedsheets to ensure a gentle yet thorough cleaning.
  • The Anti-Allergen program caters to fabrics in direct contact with skin, like bed linen, towels, and underwear.
  • Use Refresh to breathe new life into your cotton, synthetic, and mixed fabric items by removing odours and wrinkles. This steam-only program is designed to rejuvenate all types of occasion wear, and even soft toys.
  • The Power Steam program is perfect for lightly soiled cotton, synthetic, and mixed fabrics items, effectively removing stains.
  • The SpinDry/Rinse program rinses your load and spins it dry without detergent.

No matter the type of fabric or degree of soil, IFB ensures a program to provide a fabulous wash for every garment in your wardrobe.

Leveraging the IFB Advantage for Optimised Fabric Care

In IFB fully automatic washing machines, DeepClean® technology, together with better detergent mixing, enhances fabric care, ensuring your clothes always come out clean, vibrant and soft. The DeepClean® technology is designed to lock in the newness of your clothes, retaining the fabric's shape, texture and colours and consequently extending their lifespan by 30%. Thus, your favourite clothes keep looking new even after multiple washes.

IFB Advantage

In conclusion, choosing the right wash cycle for different fabrics in your washing machine is crucial for keeping your clothes looking their best. Each fabric has unique needs, and the wrong cycle can lead to damage or fading. IFB's advanced technology offers tailored cycles for various materials, ensuring they're treated properly. This approach, along with features like the 9 Swirl Wash and DeepClean® technology, makes fabric care easy and efficient, preserving your clothes' quality and extending their lifespan.

Embrace IFB. Make every wash fabulous.

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