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Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryer

IFB Clothes Dryer give you 100% drying regardless of the weather outside. They ensure that your clothes remain germ free. The dryer prevents fading so that your clothes always look as good as new. Moreover, IFB 100% Clothes Dryers come with a 4 year warranty and 10 years parts support.
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  • TurboDry EX Clothes Dryer 5.5 Kg

    TurboDry EX 5.5 kg l 55 RPM

    Clothes Dryer

    MRP D21,990 Online priceD19,791

    TurboDry EX 5.5 kg l 55 RPM

  • TurboDry 550 Clothes Dryer

    TurboDry 550 5.5 kg l 55 RPM

    Clothes Dryer

    MRP D20,990 Online priceD18,891

    TurboDry 550 5.5 kg l 55 RPM

✅ IFB Clothes Dryer

IFB has been the pioneer in the tumble dryer category, launching India’s first 100% Clothes Dryer in 1996. Since then, we have continuously upgraded and improved to offer you the best clothes dryer range, bearing in consideration India’s tropical climate and the vagaries of monsoon along with the problems you face in drying clothes. With innovation at their core, IFB Clothes Dryers ensure that you get 100% dry, germ-free and ready-to-wear clothes whether it is rainy or winter season, at the same time maintaining their texture, colour and structure.

✅ IFB Clothes Dryer Features and Benefits

Here are some main benefits and advantages of an IFB 100% Clothes Dryer:

  • • Gives 100% dry clothes

  • • All-weather drying regardless of rains or winter

  • • 99.9% germ-free clothes with 70˚C hot air drying

  • • Prevents humidity inside homes due to indoor drying

  • • Prevents formation of germs, allergens, odours and mould caused by drying clothes indoors

  • • Protects clothes from dust, pollution and airborne germs present outdoors

  • • Refresh Cycle passes cool air over clothes, removing odours and making them smell fresh

  • • Perfect for small laundry area or no drying space

  • • Can be safely wall-mounted, stacked on a front load washing machine or placed on a table/desk.

  • • Quick drying time of 60-90 min

  • • Prevents fading of clothes and loss of texture, colour and structure due to sun drying

  • • Anticrease feature keep clothes soft and untangled

✅ IFB Clothes Dryer Drying Programs

IFB Clothes Dryers are equipped with 6 drying programs to handle a variety of fabrics and level of wetness of clothes. You can choose the program suited to the below fabric types:

  • • Cottons

  • • Synthetics

  • • Mixed Loads

The three programs for fabric types can each be customised for your choice of drying:

  • • Cupboard Dry, which dries clothes ready to be put in a cupboard

  • • Iron Dry, which leaves a little moisture in clothes for the perfect ironing

✅ IFB Clothes Dryer Top & Best Models 2020

Some of the best clothes dryers by IFB are:

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✅ IFB Clothes Dryer Price Online in India 2020

IFB Clothes Dryer prices online are Rs. 19,990 for the TurboDry 5.5Kg and Rs. 20,990 for the TurboDry EX 5.5Kg for you to choose the model according to your budget and requirements.