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Solo Microwave Ovens

Solo Microwave Ovens

If you need a microwave for heating, boiling, defrosting and reheating, IFB Solo Microwaves are perfect for you.
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  • 25PM2S 25L l Solo

    25PM2S 25L l Solo


    MRP D7,990 Online priceD7,191

    25PM2S 25L l Solo

  • IFB Solo Microwave

    17PM-MEC1 17L l Solo


    MRP D6,190 Online priceD5,571

    17PM-MEC1 17L l Solo

✅ IFB Solo Microwave Oven

IFB Solo Microwave Ovens are perfectly suited to kitchens where the need is only for simple heating, boiling or defrosting. A great companion for your quick kitchen requirements, IFB Solo Microwave offers you great convenience in heating and serving food fast. So even if you prefer cooking the conventional way, the IFB Solo Microwave range makes sure you and the people you are hosting are served food the way everyone likes it – hot!

✅ IFB Solo Microwave Oven Features and Benefits

An IFB Solo Microwave Oven offers some key benefits and advantages:

  • • Hygiene-centric features like Steam Clean, Disinfect and Deodorize keep the microwave germ-free, ensuring your safety.

  • • Functions like Auto Reheat and Auto Defrost save time when you have to quickly heat or defrost something straight out of the refrigerator.

  • • Auto Cook menus.

  • • Features like Child Safety and Overheating Protection keep you and your family secure.

  • • Power Save lowers energy usage.

  • • IFB Spice Secrets platform helps you discover healthy, oil-free recipes.

✅ IFB Solo Microwave Oven Top & Best Models 2021

Below are the Top & Best IFB Solo Microwave Ovens:

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✅ IFB Solo Microwave Oven Prices Online in India 2021

IFB Solo Microwave Oven prices online range from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 8,000 with a couple of variants in between.