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Now you can wash dishes at the press of a button. Let an IFB Dishwasher win you over with its ease of use, incredible features and technology. Its Extra Hygiene 70°C wash program is designed to remove stubborn stains caused by cooking Indian food. Its Quick Wash program cleans your dishes quickly and easily. Its Eco Wash program makes sure that you save on electricity and water to keep your utility bills in check. Whether you prefer a freestanding dishwasher or an integrated (Built-in) model, an IFB Dishwasher is the perfect appliance to trust your dishwashing with.

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✅ IFB Dishwasher

IFB introduced India’s first dishwasher in 1997 and is the pioneer brand in dishwashing solutions in the country. Our experience in setting people free of dishwashing chores spans more than two decades, which reflects in our endeavour to offer you the best dishwasher which renders clean, hygienic, sparkling dishes at the press of a button. From perfecting a dishwasher for Indian cooking style with oil and masala to launching the largest capacity dishwasher in India, we constantly innovate to bring you the most advanced dishwashing technology.

✅ IFB Dishwasher Features and Benefits

IFB Dishwashers come equipped with latest innovations and features to give you completely clean and hygienic dishes, along with savings in numerous ways. Here are some key benefits and advantages of an IFB Dishwasher:

  • 99.99% germ removal with wash temperatures up to 70°C
  • Steam drying for perfectly hygienic dishes
  • Zero-touch dishwashing
  • Saves money in the long term compared with monthly domestic help expenses
  • Perfect for Indian utensils like kadhai and pans
  • Cleans stubborn oil and masala stains
  • Better wash quality with strong detergent, hot wash and steam drying
  • No pre-rinsing required
  • Saves time & water
  • Saves detergent
  • Zero breakages with programs for delicate crockery and special placeholders
  • Perfect space utilisation for utensils such as large pans, tall glasses, small cups and spoons
  • Foldable racks and movable/height-adjustable baskets to accommodate dishes
  • Flexible Half Load for washing fewer utensils
  • Safe for hands
  • 24x7 availability

✅ IFB Dishwasher Top & Best Models 2021

Some of the best dishwashers by IFB are:

✅ IFB Dishwasher Price online in India

Our dishwasher price range is wide and suited to various customer segments. IFB Dishwasher prices online start around Rs. 30,000 for a 12 place setting dishwasher to Rs. 44,000 for the largest capacity dishwasher in India with 15 place setting. There also are offerings in between, so you can select a dish washing machine as per your budget and requirements.

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