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40% faster cooking, extra large capacity and Turbo Convect fan—this oven is your recipe for healthy food and more. With 11 preset functions, this 10-in-1 appliance is a kitchen wonder.

uncompromise on performance

The counter top IFB Quartz Oven with a Turbo Convect Fan, 4 Quartz heating elements and 11 preset functions, allows you to heat, cook, grill, bake and roast satisfying almost all your special cravings in minutes!

uncompromise on aesthetics & ease of use

IFB Quartz Oven adds to the elegance of your kitchen with compact, space-saving design. Easy to operate with a function selector dial and easy to clean with removable racks and trays—this is a delightful piece of art to own and use.

uncompromise on peace of mind

The backup of a warranty, the ease of home delivery and the convenience of exchange offers.

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