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IFB Built-in Ovens are a welcome addition to any kitchen. Their safety and energy-efficient features make baking and roasting a pleasure. Easy maintenance and a comprehensive 5 years warranty make them a dream come true.

uncompromise on performance

IFB Built-in Ovens use a combination of turbo heater, double heaters, rotisserie and a powerful fan to make delicious, evenly browned meat dishes, perfectly risen cakes or pizzas with moist toppings.

uncompromise on aesthetics & ease of use

IFB Built-in Ovens add to the elegance of your kitchen with a compact, space saving design. Three glass layers, including an inner thermo-reflective glass, allow a view of the interior and can be removed for easy cleaning.

uncompromise on peace of mind

With inbuilt safety features such as Child Lock and Triple Glass Thermal Insulation, IFB Built-in Ovens offer the lowest energy consumption and a comprehensive 5 years warranty.

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