From aromatic, pollution-free air, to fast cooling even on the hottest day of the year, IFB FastCool Air Conditioners will always keep the indoor air healthy. IFB Living Solutions give you and your family the comfort you deserve. Why compromise?

fast cooling with smart technology

good care for better performance

AC Stabilizer - IFB Accessories AC Stabilizer - IFB Accessories

cleaner energy for you

IFB Stabilizers offer superior insulation against voltage fluctuation to protect your appliances.


fragrant indoor air
IFB essentials AIR CARE

Add a fragrance to your indoor air, choose between Floral Harmony or Ocean Fresh to keep your home smelling its best always. Contact us to order.

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IFB Essentials AIR CARE for Fragrant Indoor Air IFB Essentials AIR CARE for Fragrant Indoor Air