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IFB Dishwashing Solutions

With IFB’s extensive range of Industrial Dishwashing solutions at your disposal, washing large loads of dishes is a breeze. These machines are versatile, energy efficient and easy to operate and their quick turnaround time is perfect for keeping labour to a minimum.

Residential and Commercial Glass Washers for Bars
Under Counter Glass Washer
With the IFB under counter glass washers, worry no more about those cocktail glasses being dirty, or the unintentional chipping of expensive wine glasses, or those innumerable tea cups. Our glass washers ensure a good quality hygienic wash, with zero breakage.
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Affordable industrial and commercial dishwasher
Under Counter Dishwasher
Space constraint in your kitchen’s washing area isn’t going to be a constraint anymore with IFB’s under counter dishwasher. This product is very easy to use, programmable and suited for varied types of washing challenges, and can wash almost all types of cutlery, crockery and utensils.
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industrial hood type dishwasher price in india
Hood Type Dishwasher
The series is built for endurance and very high durability. If you’ve got a 1,000 plates or more to wash in a couple of hours, look no further. Our rack conveyor will get the job done quickly and efficiently. The IFB rack conveyer is also available with an additional dryer unit for instant 100% drying.
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rack conveyor dishwashing machine india
Rack Conveyor
The IFB hood type dishwasher is a highly efficient and also easy to use. Rely on it to take off tough grease and give you 100% clean dishes. This is a tailor made product for the hospitality segment, that not only manages the load of any busy restaurant, but also gives you an efficient dishwashing solution.
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