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IFB FastCool Air Conditioners include several innovative features to help them cool faster. Breathe dust, germ, and odour free air; add a fragrance to your indoor air. They are built to last with a host of features that extend the longevity of your machine.

uncompromise on air quality

The air you breathe, a good night’s sleep and your family’s health, these are life’s necessities. Why compromise? IFB’s unique 7 Stage Air Treatment protects your health by removing smoke, dust, chemicals, gases, and microorganisms from the air while infusing it with Vitamin C and a selection of aromas.

uncompromise on cooling comfort

Celebrate the life you lead, the joy of a comfortable afternoon and your family’s happiness with strong, fast cooling in high ambient temperatures up to 58˚C.

uncompromise on peace of mind

The serenity you feel, the freedom of a secure moment and your family’s best interests are shielded with quality, service and savings that set you free!

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