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Choose an ISEER rated energy-efficient IFB FastCool Air Conditioner that’s perfect for you. Select from the Gold and Silver Series to suit your office, bedroom, or other living spaces. The ODU features automotive-grade weatherproof coating with a FREE standard installation 365 days a year, by a trained IFB service technician.

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✅ IFB AC (Air Conditioner)

IFB FastCool–The Zero-Compromise AC is driven by the philosophy of Zero Compromise on Air Quality, on Cooling Comfort and on Peace of Mind. IFB ACs boast a 7-Stage Air Treatment that makes indoor air quality better, a best-in-class cooling standard along with leading-edge features for long life of the air conditioner, which come together to make IFB FastCool one of the best ACs in India.

✅ What are IFB AC Features and Benefits?

Here are the main advantages and features of an IFB AC:

  • 7-Stage Air Treatment: Includes Dust Filter, PM 0.3 Filter, Anti-bacterial Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Catechin Filter, Vitamin C Diffuser and Aroma Diffuser*.
  • Superior Cooling Power with Twin Inverter Hi-speed HD Compressor: It works even at 58° Celsius ambient temperature
  • Dual GoldFin Heat Exchangers to improve cooling performance
  • Air Cooled PCB: A unique cooling system that keeps the PCB cool to provide consistent and efficient performance
  • 4 Way Auto Cooling: Uniformly cools every corner of a room.
  • Nano-Tek Coating on Evaporator Tubes for protection from corrosion.
  • Fire Proof ECB A safety feature that enables high resistance to heat and fire
  • Automotive Grade Weather Proof Coating: The ODU and stand are painted with a unique high temperature silver powder coating to protect it from weather and pollution.
  • 100% Copper Piping for condenser, evaporator and interconnecting pipes which conducts heat better to cool faster.

✅ Which are the models available in IFB AC 2021?

IFB ACs are available in two series, Gold and SIlver :

✅ What is the cooling capacity of IFB 1.5 ton 3 star Gold series AC?

IFB 1.5 ton 3 star AC has cooling capacity of 5375 watts, which is highest in the industry in the said segment.

✅ What is the Price of an IFB AC Online ?

IFB FastCool AC prices online are available in a wide range suited to various customer segments.

  • 1 Ton AC price: Starts from Rs. 33,990.
  • 1.5 Ton AC price: Starts from Rs. 37,490.
  • 2 Ton AC price: Starts from Rs. 46,490.
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