Industrial Solutions from IFB. Laundry & Dishwashing Since 2007, IFB has been serving customers across industries – from hotels and restaurants to hospitals, government establishments, corporates, educational institutions, and more. Designed to give high efficiencies and a superior quality output, these industrial solutions are also environment-friendly and consume power responsibly, helping your business grow while being sustainable. Today, IFB has got to the point where it leads in providing industrial solutions for laundry and dishwashing - with over 5,000 installations in the laundry and dishwashing segments. Industrial Laundry: IFB Industrial Laundry machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that translate to being more economical and environment friendly. Built to last, these machines deliver top notch results while ensuring your business optimally utilises resources keeping operational costs to a minimum. Our washers come in a plethora of sizes all the way from 10 kg to 180 kg, complimented by dryers, built to cater to a variety of laundry needs.
Water saving
Manpower investment Savings
Quick Turnaround
impeccable hygiene
Virtually Zero breakages

bulk loads made easier

IFB’s extensive range of commercial accessories and essentials ensures 99.99% germ-free
cleaning cleaning as well as quick turnaround times for your business/organisation.

industrial sectors we cater to


Protect lab and clinic workers with commercial hygiene solutions certified by the most stringent quality standards.


Protect your investment with assured hygiene, energy savings and quick turnaround times.


Minimise human contact with military grade germ protection for bulk loads in canteens and messes.


Keep your guests smiling with impeccable bed linen and tableware during their stay with you.


Keep the nation’s future bright by ensuring germ-free hygiene, quality and care for students.

efficiency & performance in a pandemic

Service to the nation,
Service to you

IFB has been the first choice of the hospitality sector because of our strong focus and commitment to it. We have ensured sustained upgradation of technology and unbeatable performance with our continuous efforts.

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About IFB Commercial

IFB Industrial Division is a part of Home Appliance Division of IFB Industries and we started our journey in 2007 with commercial dishwashing solutions. We cater to Industrial customers and have been among the successful leaders in the Industrial Division for over 15 years. Our entire dishwashing range is compliant with European standards ensuring we provide our customers excellent quality machines. We always believe in providing a complete solution to the customer’s right from the dishwashing machine to the water treatment, supported accessories and chemicals. IFB acquired Ramsons Laundry, an Indian commercial laundry manufacturing company having more than 60 years expertise in the market, in the year 2018. We also export our machines to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan and have served 10000+ happy customers across the years.

With Ramsons Laundry being a part of IFB, we have widened our product range as well as have attained the perfect combination of strong market base and excellent customer service. We have in house manufacturing capacity to create machines ranging from 15 kgs to 110 kgs in laundry division. Our factory has the ability to customize the machines and capacity to satisfy our customer requirements.

IFB is an End-to-End solution provider, right from recommending the machines as per the project requirements, designing the layout, cost of utilities, installation, training the workforce, service visits and disposing end of life machine.

We ensure customer satisfaction and rely on our team of 70+ specialized in house service experts to address any grievances that arise anytime across India. We make certain that our key regions are stocked with our necessary spare parts to guarantee smooth operations of our customers.

Water Savings

Manpower investment savings

Quick Turnaround

Impeccable hygeine

Virtually Zero Breakages

industrial sectors we cater to

efficiency & performance in pandamic

Delivering healthcare efficiency
& and saving during COVID-19
Medical centers have been forced to strech beyond their
usual capacity to deliver safe healthcare without compromising
on performance, efficiency and productivity

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