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IFB 100% Clothes Dryers give you perfectly dry clothes regardless of the weather outside. They enable germ free drying of your laundry load and prevent fading of fabrics, keeping them good as new. Moreover, IFB 100% Clothes Dryers come with a 4 years warranty and 10 years spare part support.

uncompromise on removing germs

IFB 100% Clothes Dryers ensure hygiene and prevent the breeding of germs, spores and allergens indoors while protecting clothes from outdoor pollutants.

uncompromise on performance & convenience

All weather drying, combined with anticrease and a space saving design, ensures that IFB 100% Clothes Dryers fulfil all your family’s drying needs.

uncompromise on peace of mind

IFB 100% Clothes Dryers set you free with service on call, a secure warranty and convenient exchange offers.

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