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From Front Loaders to Top Loaders to Smart Loaders. From dealing with tough stains to gently caring for your delicate clothes. IFB Laundry Solutions use innovation and technology to give your clothes all the care they need.

my laundry, my way

Live your passion in Scarlet Red or savour the cool with Canary Yellow. Welcome to a new generation of visualisation with the NEW IFB Model Elite ZXL/R 7 Kg. Make doing the laundry each day more about you.

the art of laundry, mastered

Lighten your laundry load with tips, tricks and easy troubleshooting. Get to know your machine better and improve your wash. Did you know silk sarees can be washed in an IFB Washing Machine? Your woollens will not shrink if you use the correct wash program. Find out how best to fit in your washing machine.

good care for better performance

extra special care for clothes
IFB essentials FABRIC CARE

Special care for fabrics keeps them good as new wash after wash. Choose from our range of laundry detergents, easy to use pods, colour catcher sheets and fabric softeners.


extend the life of your machine

Extend the life of your machine with our solutions. Clean the tub and maintain hygiene, remove limescale and prevent damage to your machine from hard water.

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