IFB DeepClean® Tech: Keeping Your Clothes Looking Brand New

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IFB DeepClean® Tech: Keeping Your Clothes Looking Brand New

By IFB | July 4, 2023

Have you ever had to make the tough decision to give up wearing your favourite shirt, dress or pair of jeans because they gradually lost their lustre?

The once vibrant colours, crisp texture, and perfect shape all fade away, leaving us wondering if we will ever find something that can replace it.

This is where IFB DeepClean® technology comes to the rescue, ensuring your clothes retain their brand new appearance even after multiple washes so that you can keep your favourite garments with you for much longer. This cutting-edge technology ensures that your wardrobe stays looking fresh and new, while still meeting the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Let's dive deeper into the world of IFB DeepClean® and discover how this revolutionary technology is changing the way we care for our clothes, helping us look and feel our best every day.

Washed Yet Wow - IFB DeepClean Washing Machine

What Led IFB to Create DeepClean Technology?

The journey of IFB DeepClean® technology began with a simple question: Why do clothes gradually cease to look as good as they did when they were new?

IFB recognised that, over time, due to regular use and multiple washes, our clothes tend to lose appeal with loss of texture, colour or shape (T-C-S). This realisation fuelled our drive to find a solution to preserve the T-C-S of our clothes for longer and led us on a mission to develop a ground-breaking technology that would revolutionise the way we do laundry.

Our team delved deep into the factors contributing to T-C-S deterioration. Through extensive research and analysis, we identified the key dimensions that significantly impact the ageing process of our clothes. However, it was important to narrow down these dimensions to the most crucial ones that a single, innovative technology could effectively tackle. IFB DeepClean® revolutionary technology was meticulously designed to target five of the most crucial dimensions determining our clothes' longevity and appearance.

Texture, Colour, and Shape - IFB DeepClean Washing Machine

These five dimensions are as follows: 

First Dimension – Water

Water plays a crucial role in the washing process and its quality dramatically impacts the results. Conventional machines often overlook water quality leading to suboptimal outcomes and potential damage to garments.

Second Dimension – Detergent

Improperly mixed detergent in hard water can leave residue and fail to effectively remove stains or dirt from various fabrics. This can dull the appearance of clothes, compromise their lustre and reduce softness and texture. Inadequate cleaning may also lead to excessive detergent use, causing colours to fade and whites to become grey.

Third Dimension – Water Soaking

The effectiveness of cleaning depends on the thorough mixing of detergent, as well as soaking and absorption. The amount and quality of fabric soaking in detergent and water are essential for optimal cleaning results.

Fourth Dimension – Wash Methods

Like handwashing, the washing quality relies on the efficiency of the wash action. IFB DeepClean® technology uses artificial intelligence to match mechanical wash action to each fabric type and water level. This resulted in superior cleaning efficiency and reduced mechanical abrasion, preserving the fabric's integrity.

Fifth Dimension – Germ-Free Wash

As personal and clothes hygiene awareness increases, consumers demand high-quality hygienic washes. Standard washing processes in machines, whether front load washing machine or top load washing machine, may not eliminate all bacteria, viruses, allergens, and fungi harmful to humans. This calls for controlled steam sterilisation at significantly higher temperatures.

By addressing these five dimensions, IFB DeepClean® technology provides a comprehensive solution to ensure top-notch care for your clothes. The result is cleaner garments while maintaining their original texture, colour and shape.

5 Dimensions of Washing

Let’s look at some of the unparalleled features of IFB DeepClean® technology

Building on the five critical dimensions for maintaining our clothes' texture, colour and shape (T-C-S), the IFB DeepClean® technology incorporates unparalleled features that work together to deliver exceptional results. Each feature is meticulously designed to target a specific aspect of the clothing care process, ensuring a comprehensive solution that keeps your clothes looking and feeling brand new.

Let's delve into the innovative features of IFB DeepClean® technology and explore how they work in harmony to address the five dimensions of clothing care:

9 Swirl Wash: Powered by AI

9 Swirl Wash is an AI-powered feature that detects the fabric weight and type to adjust the water level, wash duration, and gentleness of the wash cycle for an optimal cleanse. By mimicking hand wash motions, 9 Swirl Wash ensures that your clothes retain their newness and remain protected from damage.

9 Swirl Wash Technology in IFB DeepClean Front Load Washing Machine OXYJET Technology in IFB DeepClean Washing Machine

OXYJET™ Technology: Deep Cleanse with Oxygen

OXYJET™ technology jet sprays the fabric with a pre-mixed water-detergent solution and millions of O2 bubbles, providing a deep and thorough cleanse. This technology allows you to wash a 9-10 kg load in just 60 minutes while saving up to 25% water, 40% energy, and 50% detergent.

Aqua Energie: Treating Hard Water for Enhanced Washing

IFB's patented Aqua Energie technology treats hard water by deactivating calcium ions, thus energising the water to dissolve detergent thoroughly. With no limescale buildup, your fabrics won't fade and will maintain their original appearance for longer.

Aqua Energie: Treating Hard Water for Enhanced Washing 3D Warm and Soak: Deep Soaking for Effective Stain Removal

3D Warm and Soak: Deep Soaking for Effective Stain Removal

3D Warm and Soak technology combines a three-directional warm water flow with drum action to create a churning motion that effectively removes dirt and stains from your garments. This deep soaking technique ensures that your clothes come out clean and fresh after every wash.

Power Steam®: Dislodging Dirt and Minimising Wrinkles

The Power Steam feature generates steam at 85°C twice during the wash cycle:

At the beginning of the cycle, steam dislodges dirt and allergens, ensuring a thorough clean. At the end of the cycle, the anti-crease cycle minimises wrinkles, making it easier to iron your clothes and maintain their shape.

PowerSteam Steam Refresh

Steam Refresh: Quick and Easy Freshening for Lightly Worn Clothes

For clothes that have not been worn for very long, the Steam Refresh feature freshens them up, leaving them odour and wrinkle-free in just 30 minutes without the use of water or detergent. This quick and convenient option is perfect for refreshing your garments between full washes.

A Smart Investment for Your Clothes and the Environment

IFB's AI-Powered DeepClean® technology is a game changer in the world of laundry care.

By offering a comprehensive solution that addresses the various factors affecting the life and appearance of your clothes, IFB DeepClean® not only keeps your wardrobe looking fresh and vibrant but also promotes sustainability and reduces the environmental impact of laundry practices.

So, say hello to endless fashion possibilities with IFB DeepClean® technology that lets you enjoy your favourite clothes much longer, even after multiple washes.

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