How to Avoid and Remove Odour in Clothes

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How to Avoid and Remove Odour in Clothes

By IFB | October 1, 2020

Laundry odour is a problem we come across quite frequently. Whether you’ve forgotten the washed load in the washing machine or the weather is too damp, moist clothes end up emitting a foul, musty smell.

The good news is you can prevent and eliminate odour in clothes by following a few steps and make your laundry smelling fresh and fragrant.

Immediately remove washed load


To prevent the formation of musty odour in your garments, remove the washed load immediately at the end of the cycle and dry it. If damp clothes stay in the washing machine, they’re likely to emit odour even after spin drying.

Use Rinse Hold option

If there is a possibility of delay in removing the clothes after final spin drying, then it is advised to select Rinse Hold option. Clothes will remain stationary in water before final spin.

Ensure quality of input water

Water quality is one of the most important factors for odour prevention. If the input water has odour, it is essential to pre-treat the water. Also make sure there is no blockage/air lock in the discharge pipe.

Clean the tub

Running a regular Tub Clean program in an empty washing machine keeps it uncontaminated and removes detergent and residue build-up in the drum, tub and clothes. Not only does this help avoid odours, it also improves wash performance.

Leave the washing machine door open

If there is moisture accumulated in your machine, your clothes may end up smelling damp. Keep the washing machine door slightly open for a few hours after each wash to allow air circulation and removal of moisture inside.

Wash at higher temperature

During wet weather, mould may commonly form on damp fabric and start emitting odour. To remove mould from clothes, wash at the maximum temperature after reading the fabric’s wash care instructions. This will kill the mould spores and get rid of foul smells.

Use steam wash

The steam wash or steam clean feature in washing machines such as the IFB Senator Smart Touch is highly effective in eliminating odour. Steam penetrates deep into the fabric, killing germ, bacteria and mould and thus removing foul smell.

Don’t leave damp clothes in laundry basket


Wet towels, sweaty athletic/gym wear and damp cleaning cloths should not sit for long in a laundry basket or bag. They should either be washed soon or air-dried before storing in the basket so they don’t spread their musty odour to other clothes.

Avoid mixed loads

Steer clear of washing extremely soiled items such as cleaning cloths and tea towels – which have trapped odour – with other clothes. They may end up transmitting foul smell to the entire wash load.

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Ensure complete drying

Garments should be allowed to completely dry before stored in wardrobes and closets. This will not allow the moisture to remain trapped in fabric, which can give rise to odours and mould.

Avoid indoor drying

Drying clothes outdoors helps in odour removal through sunlight and air. Just make sure you’re not exposing your coloured clothes to direct sunlight as it may fade their colour. Using an IFB Clothes Dryer will help avoid fading due to long exposure to sunlight and contamination of clothes from the outdoor environment.

Use distilled white vinegar

A household remedy for removing odours from gym wear and cleaning cloths is to use white vinegar. Adding it to the wash load breaks down oil and sweat and serves as a disinfectant too.

Apart from these simple tricks, you can use the IFB essentials range of fabric care and machine care products to keep your garments and washing machine clean, fresh and fragrant.

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