A Deep Dive into Commercial Laundry Chemicals: Types and How to Use Them

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A Deep Dive into Commercial Laundry Chemicals: Types and How to Use Them

By IFB | November 30, 2023

In commercial laundry operations, ensuring impeccable cleanliness, and freshness, and prolonging the lifespan of garments is a must. An indispensable part of achieving these ideal results are the commercial laundry chemicals, which, with their diverse types and usages, can often appear somewhat complex. This comprehensive guide will unravel the world of these crucial substances, making your laundry processes more streamlined and efficient.

Decoding the Detergents, Destainers, Stain Removers and Additives

ifb commercial laundry essential

A variety of chemicals are used in commercial laundry operations, each serving a specific role and purpose. Here are the main ones you will need:

Laundry Detergents: Detergents break up and remove dirt from fabrics. Commercial detergents come in both powder and liquid forms. Like IFB essentials’ Super Laundry Liquid Detergent and Super Laundry Powder Detergent. These detergents contain ingredients to combat hard water minerals and include enzymatic components to remove protein-based stains. Industrial operations need to use specific industrial laundry detergents.

Laundry Destainers and Bleaches: These brighten whites and remove stubborn stains. Two kinds of bleach are commonly used: chlorine bleach, which is excellent for sanitising and whitening, and oxygen bleach, safe for coloured fabrics.

Laundry emulsifiers like IFB essentials’ Alkali Super Build and Super Boost Booster are specific types of destainers that dissolve oils, fats, and grease and help remove such stains more easily.

Fabric Softeners: Fabric softeners like IFB essentials’ Soft Super Softener give fabrics a softer touch, reduce static. They also impart a pleasant smell to the laundered items.

ifb commercial laundry essential

ifb commercial laundry essential

Stain Removers: As the name suggests, stain removers are specific oxidising or hydrolysing agents that can remove hard-to-deal-with stains with detergent, protecting the fabric from damage and the skin from irritation.

IFB essentials’ offer a range of stain removers formulated to remove specific stain types like D-Ink, D-Rust and D-Blood.

Starches and Laundry Additives: Starches are often applied to fabrics like table linens and shirts to provide them with a crisp, firm finish.

Effective Usage of Laundry Chemicals

Understanding the roles of various chemicals is just the first part equation. The rest involves understanding the correct usage and combination of chemicals to significantly improve the wash quality.

Sorting Loads: Different types of fabrics and colours require specific chemical treatments. Thus, sorting the laundry accordingly can help prevent any potential damage and colour bleeding.

Precise Measurement: Overusing chemicals may lead to fabric damage and potential chemical residue left on the clothes, rather than cleaner laundry. It's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for dosage.

Temperature Control: The efficiency of laundry chemicals is significantly influenced by the water temperature. Warm water, for example, enhances laundry detergent action, while bleach requires a specific temperature range to function effectively.

ifb commercial laundry essential

Order of Addition: The sequence in which chemicals are added can influence the laundry result. Generally, the detergent goes in first, followed by the bleach (if used), and finally, the fabric softener during the rinse cycle.

The Pivotal Role of IFB in Commercial Laundry Operations

ifb commercial laundry essential

When it comes to commercial laundry chemicals, IFB stands out as a leader with its exceptional range of fabric care products. The IFB Essentials collection comprises an exhaustive array of products designed to pamper your laundry, ensuring your clothes look as good as new.

Featuring liquid detergents that keep clothes spotlessly clean, special formulas to protect black, white, coloured, woollen or silk fabrics, and fabric conditioners to maintain the softness and gentleness of delicate fabrics and babywear.




IFB's advanced range of commercial washing machines incorporates cutting-edge technology with energy-efficient operations. These machines allow for the customisation of laundry processes based on the type and level of dirt and the fabric material. Their smart dispensers also ensure optimal usage of laundry chemicals, thus promising a perfect wash every time.


From ink removers to fabric softeners and more, laundry chemicals can help you achieve a better quality of wash even for the trickiest of fabrics and hardest of stains. Using IFB’s range of laundry chemicals, you can learn to make your IFB washing machines even more effective. 

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