A Tale of Freedom

Set yourself free - from household chores with IFB

In today’s fast paced world, there's hardly enough time to do everything your heart desires. Keeping time for a hobby or taking time off to rekindle old indulgences seems practically impossible. Imagine if there was a way to turn this around and if we could help you make more time for yourself?

At IFB, we want to liberate you from all the dull and time consuming household chores and help you to make quality time for all the things in life that really matter.

Our range of home appliances and the laundry, kitchen and living solutions we design are all designed to help you spend more time doing whatever you really want to do – while leaving the hassles of household chores to our solutions.

The Value systems that we live by are as follows

IFB Customer Support and Care

For our customers

To offer them the best product to buy, an innovative product that constantly outperforms peers and outstanding service that makes every customer smile.

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For our Employees

To provide them with an environment in which every individual learns, grows and prospers.
IFB Business Partners

For our Business Partners

To enable them to consider IFB’s products and services as their first choice.
IFB Partners

For our Investors

The Company should be acknowledged as the one with the highest degree of corporate transparency; that delivers on the promises given to its shareholders. www.ifbappliances.com

Contemporary Design, Great Functionality

Laundry Solutions

IFB Laundary Solutions

Kitchen Solutions

IFB Built in Hobs Online

Living Solutions

IFB Air Conditioners at Best Price Online
We have mastered the art of developing home solutions that fulfill your needs. From the kitchen to the bedroom and to the laundry room - our designers and product developers focus on solutions to get rid of your everyday hassles of washing clothes, cleaning dishes and cooking food and transform these into a pleasant experience leaving you to enjoy other things that you love to do.

IFB also has a wide service network that spans the length and breadth of India. We ensure that we take good care of our customers and their products, by providing a prompt and pleasant service experience.

An Overview

We at IFB Appliances, along with our associate companies and divisions, celebrate over four decades of technical excellence. We have always represented the leading edge of technology - which has been manifested through our products and service solutions. We have always tried to consistently and positively touch people’s lives.

The various divisions and companies of IFB

IFB Home Appliances Online

The Home Appliances Division of IFB Industries Ltd

The Division has manufactured and marketed home appliances for over three decades and is reputed for its forte in quality and technology led by consumer insight.
IFB Agro Limited

IFB Agro Limited

The business operates in the areas of alcohol and related process derivative products, marine products, “Ready to Cook” and “Ready to Fry” foods, Aqua Feeds. It also has an extremely unique rural retail chain called the “Aqua Shops” – the chain and the teams also work with farmers to improve productivity in the areas of rural fish cultivation.
IFB Automotive

IFB Automotive Private Limited

  Established in 1989, IFB Automotive specializes in manufacturing of automotive components, seating systems, door systems and automotive motors.
IFB Blanking Division

The Fine Blanking Division of IFB Industries Ltd

With 40 years of technical excellence in fine blanking, backed by a world class tool room, advanced fine blanking presses – the highly skilled and competent teams have made IFB a leader in the field of manufacturing of precision fine blanked components. The Division is a leading supplier to the automotive, electrical and other related industry verticals.


IFB Front Load Washing Machine
India's First Front Load Washing Machine.
IFB Latest Clothes Dryer
India's First Clothes Dryer.
Dishwashers in India
India's First Dishwasher.
IFB Smart Load Washing machine
India's First Smart Load Washing machine.