Why IFB ACs Are Built to Last

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Why IFB ACs Are Built to Last

By IFB | December 5, 2023

On a hot summer day, you find solace in the comfort of your room, seeking relief from the scorching sun. However, the dreaded horror unfolds as your air conditioner unexpectedly stops working, leaving you in a suffocating and heated-up despair. It's a frustrating situation that many of us have encountered before, leaving us longing for a solution.


But fear not, for not all air conditioner brands fall victim to this chilling tale. There exists a champion in the realm of cooling solutions. With unmatched innovation and warranty, IFB FastCool ACs soar above the rest.


Combining an esteemed reputation for excellence with an unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional quality, IFB ACs are truly zero-compromise.


In this blog post, we will embark on a journey into IFB's engineering marvels, exploring the remarkable features and innovative technologies that make IFB ACs truly extraordinary.

How IFB ACs Stand the Test of Time

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Rigorous R&D and Testing - One of the key factors that sets IFB apart is the rigorous R&D and testing they implement during the manufacturing process.

Before an IFB AC reaches your home, it has undergone extensive testing to ensure its performance, reliability and longevity. IFB leaves no stone unturned in its quest for perfection, subjecting its ACs to various simulations and stress tests. They are designed to work at Ambient temperatures (58°C), far exceeding the highest temperature ever recorded in the country (51°C), so that even the highest temperature can be managed easily.

This meticulous approach guarantees that IFB FastCool ACs can handle the challenges posed by voltage fluctuations, extreme weather conditions and the highest performance demands.


State-of-the-Art Manufacturing - Another aspect that contributes to the durability of IFB ACs is the state-of-the-art manufacturing process employed by the company.


IFB takes pride in using the best quality materials available, ensuring that every component of the AC is built to withstand the test of extreme temperature and weather conditions, strenuous usage and time. From the outdoor unit (ODU) to the internal circuitry, every part is carefully crafted with longevity in mind.

The manufacturing process at IFB's state-of-the-art factory in India combines advanced technology with skilled craftsmanship, resulting in ACs that are built to last.

ifb ac nano tek coating

Nano-Tek Coating for Evaporator Tubes

A special nano-coating protects the exposed evaporator tubes, which are prone to corrosion. This is one of the most common issues with other ACs. This not only requires the tubes to be fixed and often replaced but also calls for the refilling of gas, which escapes as a result of corrosion, cracks and breaks. This coating provides exceptional durability to the IFB air conditioner, especially against harsh Indian weather conditions and industrial pollution preventing leakage, inefficient cooling and breakdowns. Additionally, this also translates into cost savings as the need for regular maintenance and AC part replacements is significantly reduced.

ifb weather proof odu

Automotive Grade Weather Coating for ODU & Stand

IFB understands the unique challenges faced by ACs in coastal regions, where exposure to air mixed with dust and salt can lead to extensive corrosion. In fact, most rusting starts from the stand as a result of exposure to weather conditions and poor material or finish quality. To address this, IFB has developed an Automotive Grade Weatherproof coating for the ODU and the stand. This specialised high temperature silver powder coating, along with the industry-leading stainless steel nuts and bolts used in the ODU stand, effectively protects against weather and pollution stresses such as rain, dust, UV sunlight and pollutants. Similar to how the paint on a car doesn't get corroded, the IFB ACs with Automotive Grade Weatherproof coating exhibit exceptional durability and an extended lifespan.

ifb ac pcb

Air Cooled PCB

When the PCB heats up, it affects performance. Just like computers and laptops have ventilation and throttle performance to keep the chipset heat in check and avoid damage. Similarly, IFB air conditioners are equipped with Air Cooled ODU PCBs that ensure powerful cooling performance even when the blazing summer days arrive. Designing the PCB to get cooled as part of the AC operation enables the ACs to maintain optimised performance under high-temperature conditions. The Air Cooled ODU PCB plays a crucial role in preventing overheating, ensuring that the AC operates optimally during hot weather.

ifb ac fire proof pcb

Fire-proof ECB

Safety is a top priority in IFB ACs and the Electronic Control Box (ECB) takes it to the next level. Made of BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound) material, the fire-proof ECB acts as a protective shield against fire hazards caused by sparks from the PCB. In the rare event of a spark, the fire-resistant properties of the ECB prevent the fire from spreading, ensuring the safety of both the AC unit and the surrounding area.

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100% Copper Piping with Inner Grooved Tubes

The choice of materials is crucial in determining the durability of an AC and IFB ACs excel in this aspect. They feature 100% copper piping with inner grooved tubes, which enhances heat transfer efficiency and prevents the build-up of debris and corrosion. Copper is renowned for its durability and reliability, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting AC performance.

IFB ACs - Powerhouse of Cooling with a Warranty to Match

ifb ac warranty

IFB is so confident in the durability of their ACs that they offer an extensive warranty along with frequent service visits -

  • 10-year warranty on the compressor
  • 1+4 years* on the machine
  • 5 years on the ODU PCB and
  • 3 service visits in the 1st year

IFB demonstrates a commitment to standing behind its products. This warranty bears testimony to the quality and durability across the models, irrespective of the cost of IFB ACs.

In conclusion, IFB ACs shine as the ultimate saviour from the relentless heat, sparing you from the nightmare of an unexpected AC breakdown.

We've all endured the suffocating heat waves, but IFB stands tall as the unwavering champion, undeterred by this chilling ordeal.

They are the best choice for those who seek exceptional performance and durability in their ACs and are the true guardians of tranquillity, ensuring your space remains a cool oasis even on the hottest summer days.

With an impressive warranty and regular service offerings, IFB ACs are a reliable and long-lasting investment for your home or office, providing unmatched comfort and peace of mind for years to come.

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