Why an IFB 100% Clothes Dryer is a Perfect Buy this Monsoon

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Why an IFB 100% Clothes Dryer is a Perfect Buy this Monsoon

By IFB | August 28, 2020

Is incessant rainfall not allowing you to dry clothes outdoors?

Is hanging your clothes indoors not drying them off for days and resulting in heightened humidity in your home?

Getting ready for office but the trouser is still moist on the waist?

Do your clothes emit a perpetual musty odour due to damp weather?

No space available for laundry drying?

Along with showers of bliss, the magnificent monsoons bring with them loads of laundry problems. This is the season when the best of our efforts for laundry drying fail and we struggle with damp clothes upon us and humidity in homes. However, all your monsoon-related laundry worries can easily go away with an IFB 100% Clothes Dryer.

Why IFB Clothes Dryer?

100% Drying: Drying clothes outdoors is not possible in wet weather, and indoor drying should strictly be avoided because it may cause respiratory problems. Nonetheless, with no options left, we end up line drying garments inside our homes with fans running 24/7. This is a drain on power, and yet clothes feel damp when you wear them. An IFB Clothes Dryer completely removes these problems, ensuring all-weather drying and delivering 100% dry clothes.

99.9% Germ-free Clothes: The overall humid weather and moisture in air during monsoon is a breeding ground for germs. In today’s world, where health and hygiene of our families have taken utmost importance, it is imperative that the fabrics in contact with our body all the time remain germ-free. IFB Clothes Dryer keeps your clothes 99.9% germ-free through hot air drying at 70˚C. Also, since your clothes are not exposed to outdoor air, dust, pollution and airborne germs are not attracted to them.

Healthy Home: Clothes should never be dried indoors. Indoor drying increases the humidity in homes, leading to germs, allergens, mould and odours, which are especially unhealthy for the elderly and children and may cause respiratory diseases. A clothes dryer gives you the essential protection from germs by not exposing the atmosphere in your home to humidity due to indoor drying.

Refresh Cycle for Odour Removal: Monsoon is also a time when a musty odour seems to forever linger on clothes. The dampness in closets and cabinets, especially in areas that see a heavy seasonal rainfall, is passed to the clothes kept in them, causing odours. For this, IFB 100% Clothes Dryers such as TurboDry EX 5.5Kg and TurboDry 5.5Kg feature a unique Refresh Cycle. During the Refresh Cycle, cool air passes over the clothes, making them smell fresh.

6 Drying Programs: IFB Clothes Dryers feature six drying programs in both TurboDry EX 5.5Kg and TurboDry 5.5Kg models. You can choose a suitable program depending upon the fabric type (cottons, synthetics or mixed loads) and the wetness of your clothes.


Perfect for Small Spaces: If your laundry area is small or there is no drying space, a clothes dryer offers an easy solution. An IFB Clothes Dryer requires a small space in your laundry area. The clothes dryer can even be mounted safely on a wall, stacked upside down on your front load washing machine or kept on a table/desk. The worry of no drying space, which is common in homes with no balconies or in apartments where drying clothes in balconies is not permitted, is also easily eliminated.

Quick Drying: With a tumble dryer, you no longer have to wait for days on end for your clothes to dry and be worn. The quick turnaround time of 60-90 min in IFB Clothes Dryers is particularly useful in case of school and work uniforms that are frequently used and heavy fabrics like denims that take a long time to dry.

No Fading of Clothes: Clothes dried in the sun can lose their texture, colour and structure over time because of the harsh ultraviolet rays. With a tumble dryer, you can avoid sun drying and keep your clothes looking as good as new.

Anticrease: The unique Anticrease feature in IFB Clothes Dryers uses clockwise and anticlockwise rotations along with cool and hot airflows to keep clothes soft and tangle-free.


Industry-Leading Warranty and Service: Giving you complete peace of mind upon your purchase, IFB 100% Clothes Dryers are backed by an industry-leading 4-year comprehensive warranty and 10-year spare parts support across more than 2500 towns in India.

Buying a Clothes Dryer?

You can explore IFB 100% Clothes Dryers range here or visit an IFB Point, our exclusive store, to know more. Click here to access our Store Locator to find the IFB Point closest to you.

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