7 Great Ways To Get The Best From Your Dishwasher!

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7 Great Ways To Get The Best From Your Dishwasher!

By IFB | November 3, 2016

Given that dishwashers aren't native to Indian kitchens, most of us might not be familiar with how to maximize the use of this super efficient home appliance. Whether it's a brand new addition to your dream kitchen or if you've been using a dishwasher for a few years, these simple tips will help you get the best care for your utensils.


1. Load at once: While it might seem easier to load your dishwasher as and when you are done using individual dishes, the best strategy to an efficient load is to use the space in the dishwasher wisely. This is easier when you have all the unwashed utensils ready to be loaded at the same time, giving you an idea how to stack and load dishes, starting with your largest pans and plates, filling in spaces with smaller utensils.

2. Don't let your spoons spoon: Alternate spoons with forks and other flatware so that water and detergent can clean them thoroughly. If you put all the spoons together, chances are the backs of the spoons won’t get a fair cleaning. Another solution is to put some spoons in heads up and some heads down.

3. Get the right detergent: Sometimes hard water can leave stains on your dishes once they dry. To avoid this unfavourable result, make sure you use the right detergent for your dishwasher. IFB's Autodish avoids build up of limescale, giving you the best wash for your dishes every time.

4. Beware of loose objects: Don't leave small utensils like teaspoons and kettle lids randomly in the dishwasher. Put them in their appropriate holders or stack them in the plate rack. Objects that aren’t tied down or anchored during a wash will float around and could chip other dishes during the wash cycle.

 5. Clear the way for spray: The spray arm in your dishwasher is what makes the magic happen. It is the only way your dirty dishes can get hit by water so that they get clean. If you over load the dishwasher or block the spray arm with large flat dishes, be prepared for a dishwasher disaster. Load carefully and make sure all dishes face towards the centre of the dishwasher. Load flat baking trays and pans on the sides of the bottom rack. On a positive note, IFB dishwashers come with a much needed water jet on the top portion of the dishwasher that gives your utensils a thorough cleaning!

 6. Avoid nesting: The dishes in the dishwasher need to have as much surface contact with water as possible. If you put bowls inside other bowls or plates on top of each other, water will not reach the dishes to be able to clean them properly. If you’re careful about the way you stack your dishes, this won't be something to worry about!

7. Unloading the right way: After the cycle, if you notice any upturned cups or bowls, leave them as they are until you unload all the other dishes. These might tend to hold some soapy dish water in them so you want to avoid spilling that onto your clean dishes. Once you have cleared out the other dishes, move onto to handling the upturned utensils.

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