Dryer – A Solution to Bacteria on Clothes

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Dryer – A Solution to Bacteria on Clothes

By IFB | July 24, 2021

The monsoons are wonderful, but some really unpleasant and annoying things inevitably come with the glorious season of welcome showers after a hot summer.

The most common irritant is to constantly navigate around stands filled with wet clothes scattered about the house under running fans like buried landmines while having to tolerate the musty smell of garments that are never thoroughly dry.

But jokes aside, this habit of indoor drying leads to much more serious issues due to increased moisture around your loved ones – especially those with respiratory issues.

Let IFB Clothes Dryers solve both your problems in one clean sweep, so your home may be uncluttered and fresh, and your lungs revived and happy.

No more evading the looming laundry monster!

After a few weeks of blissful monsoon days, the most common irritant is piles of garments all over the house that never fully dry. They are everywhere you look – clothes stands, over bedspreads, backs of chairs, handing behind doors – any free inch of space will soon be draped with soggy clothes. And the worst part is that they will never feel crisp and fresh like after drying in the summer sun, until now.

An IFB clothes dryer vows to bring perfectly dried laundry back into your life, even in incessant rains.

Drying cycles with a quick turnaround time of 60-90 minutes help you tackle those intimidating heaps you refuse to acknowledge when you walk around the house. Don’t let them control your life, as IFB clothes dryers are here to liberate you!

With these dryers, you will be rid of the lingering ‘wet clothes’ smell that is synonymous with the Indian monsoons.

Clobber away germs and allergen spores

Indoor drying leads to increased humidity indoors, and the forever dampness is candy for mould and fungus spores to feast on and they multiply rapidly.

Most common monsoon illnesses arise due to exacerbations in respiratory infections, which in these times of the Coronavirus is a more significant danger than ever before. Fans running at full speed in a failed attempt to dry said clothes just adds to the risk of people catching colds and coughs quickly.

IFB clothes dryers utilise hot drying at 70˚C to ensure that your clothes are germ-free and thereby protect your loved ones with compromised health. Removing these microbes from the air rids homes of the musty odour that causes increased asthma attacks and wheezing so you can breathe easy. There’s no doubt that IFB clothes dryers are designed with your well-being in mind.

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Save-savers delight

A serious and practical challenge for many homes is space, and adding a new appliance to the mix means a game of shuffle may be upon you.

If your laundry area is small, an IFB clothes dryer will still fit in perfectly without causing a massive upheaval. It can be placed above a front-loading washing machine to optimise space utilitisation.

 IFB clothes dryers can also be wall-mounted upside down for easy operation without needing to rearrange your home substantially. And, of course, this means you can finally be free from those pesky drying stands that take up so much space and, more often than not, become an indoor obstacle course.

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We haven’t compromised.

Neither should you.


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