RESEARCH: Xeros Washes Better

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RESEARCH: Xeros Washes Better

By IFB | February 18, 2022

Tests by the Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA) have proven that Xeros technologies help washing machines clean better, protect clothes and above all reduce the cost to the environment. 

BTRA has more than 60 years of experience in the textile industry, conducting research into modern technology and providing solutions to technical issues related to quality, machine production and maintenance. It might be impossible to believe that the latest Xeros-enabled machines use up to 70% less water, 50% less energy and 50% less detergent, but it’s true!

With resource depletion the world’s most pertinent crises, and water usage the top natural resource being drained by the earth’s population, every drop matters. And that’s where IFB’s latest Xeros technology comes in. This revolutionary new system is the future of sustainability in laundry. 


Incorporating the latest technology can improve washing outcomes including better care for fabrics and less need for water and high temperatures. The BTRA study showed that Xeros XOrbTM and XDrumTM technologies - employed by IFB machines - can increase the life of fabrics by reducing damage, shrinkage and polymerisation. 

For hotels and industries, this means fewer replacements of linen and therefore better cost savings.


Using Xeros-powered machines means fabrics receive high quality washes that tackle all stain types and keep them looking new for longer. They protect fabrics from physical and chemical damage while also using less water, energy and toxic compounds. 

The tests - conducted on 600-litre, commercial-size washing machines - clearly proved the water-saving advantages of Xeros technologies. 


Xeros-enabled washing machines help fabrics stay clean and look as good as new, for longer. This helps avert damage to the environment caused by dumped textile waste. By reducing the use of resources and extending fabric life, Xeros offers better environmental benefits and better wash performance than regular washing machines.

According to the BTRA tests, IFB’s Xeros-enabled machines use up to 70% less water, 50% less energy and 50% less detergent. It removes stains caused by blood, oils and make-up, prevents shrinkage and damage, and is more eco-friendly than conventional machines. Users can also enjoy better savings on utilities such as water and power.


The BTRA test was modelled after laundry requirements at the Taj West End hotel in Bangalore, using numerous fabric samples over 250 wash cycles, tested every 25 cycles. The study examined seven parameters including degree of polymerisation, whiteness index, shrinkage, tensile strength, potential utility savings and appearance. 



Here’s what it discovered:

Xeros washes better

Xeros-powered machines use just half the amount of chemistry when compared to a conventional machine while effectively tackling common stains including natural body oils, carbon black found in make-up, and blood.

Xeros is gentle with fabrics

Because it uses less chemicals and detergents, fabrics washed with Xeros technology suffer less polymerisation. Polymerisation can be invasive and break down fabric, making them more susceptible to wear and tear. With Xeros, your clothes receive a gentler wash action.

Xeros keeps white clothes white

The BTRA study found that towels washed using Xeros technology stayed white for longer than when washed using conventional machines. This means that white clothes and fabrics need to be replaced less often, and there is also a reduced need for whitening agents.

Xeros prevents shrinkage

The test also showed that fabrics washed in a Xeros-enabled machine suffered less shrinkage. 

Xeros boosts savings

With IFB’s unique technology, savings are manifold. The latest washing machines boast high savings through better performance; reduced usage of water, power and detergent; as well as improved shelf-life of fabrics.

Xeros is better for the environment

Above all, Xeros is helping IFB consumers become more environmentally-friendly while still enjoying all the benefits of an efficient, high-quality washing machine. Consumers can reduce their water and power usage while extending the life of their fabrics, thereby slashing textile consumption and waste.

By using Xeros technologies, hotels and commercial laundries have collectively slashed their water consumption by more than a billion litres, along with using less energy and detergents. In India, IFB has the exclusive rights to this incredible technology for both commercial and domestic washing machines. 

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