Clothes Dryer: Reasons why you need a Clothes Dryer in 2021

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Clothes Dryer: Reasons why you need a Clothes Dryer in 2021

By IFB | October 6, 2021

A clothes dryer is the solution to all problems associated with damp laundry. You need not worry about laundry drying on time or musty odour or wrinkles or allergies due to mould or clothes fading anymore.

A clothes dryer like IFB Clothes Dryer gives you wonderfully dry, germ-free, fresh clothes all year round. Doing laundry becomes convenient, quick and easy and takes very little space. With a 4-year warranty and 10-year spare part support, here is technology at your command.

Benefits of Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryer is Built for All Seasons

A clothes dryer can be used anytime, regardless of the weather. Think winters, prolonged rainy spells and the time when the sun is not out for days. With IFB Clothes Dryer, you can bid a permanent goodbye to damp clothes.

Keeps Clothes and Home Safe from Germs

In the current pandemic scenario, the outside air is full of pollutants, allergens, and particulate matter. A clothes dryer prevents the exposure of clothes to outdoor contaminants and ensures a hygienic, germ-free experience. It is a boon for those who are sensitive to the weather or are easily affected by the irritants in the air.

Takes Good Care of All Types of Fabrics

Clothes often bleed and fade over time because of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. IFB Clothes Dryer prevents colour fade for an extended period. IFB Clothes Dryer can dry bulky sheets. It also helps retain their softness.

Why Choose IFB Clothes Dryer

Perfect Drying Solution

IFB Clothes Dryer dries clothes 100% effectively no matter the season. It dries your clothes within 60 minutes with a cool-down feature.

Crease-Free Drying

IFB Clothes Dryer provides efficient drying with anti-crease features. You can wash, dry and wear your favourite outfit in just 60 minutes.


IFB Clothes Dryer ensures clothes are not damp or your house during monsoon and winters, thereby assuring the health and safety of your family members.

Protects Clothes from Fading

IFB Clothes Dryer keeps your clothes from bleeding out, and they look new for a long time.

Germ-Free Clothes

Drying clothes outdoors exposes them to dust, germs and pollution. Avoid this by using an IFB Clothes Dryer for perfectly dry, hygienic clothes

Saves Your Clothes from Outdoor Pollution

IFB Clothes Dryer protects your clothes from outside pollutants, spores, lint, and allergens, keeping them fresh for longer.

Refresh Cycle

IFB Clothes Dryer has a unique refresh cycle feature to remove any musty odour from your clothes.

Flexible Venting

IFB Clothes Dryer comes with a proper venting option so that the damp air does not collect in your house.

Safety Door Switch

Even if you leave the dryer door open, the machine will automatically turn off because of its safety door switch option.

Overheat Protection

IFB Clothes Dryer has an overheat prevention feature that regulates proper temperature during drying and prevents fibre damage.

Space Saver

Its design is elegant and saves space, adding to the aesthetics of your house.

Dryer Bags

The specially formulated dryer bags help take care of the machine and fabric.


IFB Clothes Dryer is a budget-friendly option with the cost varying according to the capacity and features.

Warranty & After Sales Service

IFB Clothes Dryer comes with a 4-year warranty, 10 years of spare part support, and multiple exchange offers. IFB offers 24/7 customer service in 2500+ cities across India.



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