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Washing Machine Laundry Pods
20 pods
Product Category Name
Fabric Care

88% of 100
MRP ₹800
Offer Price ₹775
  • IFB essentials Washing Machine Laundry Pods are an all-in-1 dosing solution for all your laundry needs. Just pop one in with your laundry. Stain Lift technology will remove even the toughest stains from your clothes, while preserving their colours and textures. Easy dosing is now in the palm of your hand!


    • Stain Lift technology employs a special formula to remove even the most stubborn stains from your laundry.
    • Just one easy, all-in-1 laundry dose for all your laundry needs for superior wash quality with an added fragrance.
    • Preserves the colours of your fabrics.
    • Unlike powder detergents, Laundry Pods do not leave undesired particle residue, either on machine parts or on your clothes.

    Quantity: 20 pods

  • Product Details
    • Application Description
      • 1 pod = 24.5 ml
      • For regular loads, 1 pod      
      • For heavily soiled loads, 2 pods
  • Manufacturing,Packaging & Import Details
    • Importer's Details IFB Industries Ltd.
    • Country Of Origin Belgium
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