Fluff - Fabric Conditioner

Conventional powder detergents are highly alkaline and adversely affect the natural colour, shine and softness of fabrics.

IFB essentials Fluff Fabric Conditioner helps in rejuvenating the natural softness and shine of your clothes.


  • Fluff removes the smell of detergent from washed clothes, giving them the freshness of lush, green meadows and a pleasing, flowery fragrance.

  • It has a pH balanced formula that enhances the softness and shine of washed clothes.

  • It is equally suitable for white as well as coloured fabrics and can be used with both top loaders and front loaders as well as handwashing.

  • It is 100% environment friendly.

Quantity: 1 L

Online priceD280
Category Manual
EMI option is available


  • General
    • Application DescriptionFully Automatic Machine Wash

      Add 40 ml to the additive compartment of the detergent dispensing tray.

      Semi-Automatic Machine Wash

      Add 40 ml to last rinse cycle.

      Hand Wash

      Add 20 ml in a bucket with 10 L of water. Soak 8 – 10 washed clothes in the bucket for about 5 minutes. Remove clothes and dry. Do not rinse in plain water afterwards.

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