Fluff - Liquid Detergent I Top Load

Ordinary detergents cause excessive foaming, which not only affects wash quality but also causes damage to the machine.

IFB essentials Fluff is a low-foam, liquid, laundry detergent, specially developed to deliver superior wash performance in top loader washing machines without affecting their parts.


  • Unlike powder detergents, Fluff’s fragrant formula does not leave undesired particle residue, either on machine parts or on your clothes, making it ideal for washing delicate fabrics as well as clothes for babies.

  • Its pH-balanced formula helps preserve the natural softness and shine of your clothes, even after repeated washes.

  • It is environment-friendly and equally suitable for white and coloured fabrics.

Quantity: 1 L

Category Manual
EMI option is available


  • General
    • Application Description

      1 cup = 40 ml

      For regular loads, 1 cup

      For heavily soiled loads, 1 + ½ cups

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