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Colour & Dirt Catcher
30 Sheets
Product Category Name
Fabric Care

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  • Are you afraid of colour runs while washing mixed loads? Sometimes fabrics bleed when in contact with water and transfer their pigments onto other clothes in the wash.

    IFB essentials DIRT & COLOUR CATCHER acts as a magnet for dyes and dirt in water. It protects against colour runs and dirt. Use it to wash mixed loads together.


    • Colour & Dirt Catcher attracts any dyes released into the wash water, enabling mixed loads to be washed safely.
    • Washing clothes in a single load helps save both time and energy.
    • Try washing red clothes that bleed separately for better experience.
  • General
    • Application Description
      • For regular dyed garments- 1 sheet
      • For medium dyed garments- 2 sheets
      • For heavily dyed garments - 3–4 sheets
  • Manufacturing,Packaging & Import Details
    • Importer's Details IFB Industries LTD
    • Packer's Details Y& R China
    • Country Of Origin China
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