[Must Try] Healthy Snacks Recipes This Diwali

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[Must Try] Healthy Snacks Recipes This Diwali

By IFB | November 11, 2020

Are you planning a lavish Diwali menu for your family?

But can’t seem to decide what Diwali snacks to prepare?

Or worried about safety and hygiene while ordering snacks?

Time for 'safe snacking' this Diwali with easy recipes!

Forget about buying packaged snacks from stores or ordering from outside if you aren’t sure whether a restaurant is serving contact-less food! Just use your microwave and some super-simple recipes to make fresh, hygienic and scrumptious Diwali snacks and enjoy home-cooked food with your family.

Here are some Diwali snacks recipes to make your festivities distinctly flavourful.

1. Dahi Bhalla

Soft, refreshing and dunked in curd, Dahi Bhallas have always been a favourite Diwali snack! Moreover, with a microwave, they’re even easier to prepare.

Explore the full Dahi Bhalla recipe.

2. Baked Sabudana Wada

Who says sabudana is meant only for fasting? Healthy, wholesome and traditionally festive, the modest sabudana can be transformed into a delicious Diwali snack in your microwave.

Try the full Baked Sabudana Wada recipe.

3. Dahiwala Bread Chaat

You are sure to get a lip-smacking taste of Chowpatty the moment you indulge in this chaat! This Diwali snack uses bread and is almost effortless to prepare in a microwave. Your family and friends will be left wanting for more!

Read full Dahiwala Bread Chaat recipe.

4. Mix Vegetable Kebab

Wanting to prepare an appetising Diwali snack or starter? You’ll be surprised to find how scrumptious kebabs made in your microwave using mix vegetables/veg sabzi are so much better than frozen or readymade snacks.

Explore full Mix Vegetable Kebab recipe.

5. Yam Patties

A delectable surprise! Amazing how something like yam can turn into a yummy Diwali snack. Your family will be raving about your cooking skills once they bite into one of these patties.

Try the full Yam Patties recipe.

6. Beetroot Rolls

If you think beetroot is boring, think again! This new avatar of Beetroot Rolls will leave everyone astonished, while making sure that your Diwali snacks are as healthy as can be.

Click for full Beetroot Rolls recipe.

Enjoy 'safe snacking' and have a Happy Diwali!

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