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RC 154

RC 154 packs up a productivity conveyor which washes up to 170 baskets/hour and is ideal for medium/large operations. It's equipped with a heavy duty pre-washing module, 820 mm long blade technology & 36 cm jet system and is able to wash up to 3000 dishes/hour. It can be complemented with wide range of optional elements to adapt the layout to particular demands or to add functionality. Flexible and efficient, this dishwasher is sure to win you over.
RC 154

Archimedes Drainage System

In a normal rinse cycle clean water is pumped into the tank. With a conventional gravity waste, the clean water floats above the heavier dirty water.This means three litres of clean water wastes one litre directly by drainage. Achimedes employs the principle of communicatin vessels to product a 67-85% increase in water used to regenerate detergent solution in the tank. The water is forced bottomwards, discharging part of the built up dairt particles. As a result, wash water soils more slowly, water referesh is less frequent and detergent concentration can be reduced by approximately by 10%.


ProStrainer integral surface strainers are made of high-tech materials, are lighter than conventional steel filters and more resistant to chemical attack and impacts. They do not lose their shape or efficiency even if shaken or banged during cleaning, as opposed to former metal filters which tend to bend and deform, losing their filtering capacity, in a short time.

Running Cost

All IFB dishwashers are equipped with the patented DSD- Drainage System Device which is designed to force water to the dirtiest areas of the rank belfroe draining it. This helps keep the tank clean, thus reducing water consumption, energy and also reducing detergent concentration. So DSD takes care of the planet byreducing rinse water consumption and takes care of your pocket by increasing your savings.

Precision Quality

Machines are designed and constructed in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 certification the unique expertise of a manufacturer who has produced and sold more than one million industrial dishwashers. All electric and electronic componenet are sourced in Europe and external suppliers are subject to stringent controls.

Noiseless Operation

IFB glass washers and dishwashers produce upto four times less noise than other modesl. This is a result of a Duo Flo pump, partial or full double skin construction and thermo acoustic insulation in certain models than reduces noise by upto a further 25%. The electrical system too has been designed to minimise electromagnetic emissions to well below legal limits.

Prosmart Interface

Permits finger-tip control of glass washer main functions, a generously-sized four-digit display facilitates selection of the programs held in the memory and also displays wash and rinse temperatures and system self-diagnostic messages, to facilitate servicing, and the number for racks washed. Correct functioning of the machine can be monitored according to the colour (green, orange or red) of the Check-Bar while the Smart-Bar indicates current machine status (ready, heating, in use) and progress of the cycle.according to changes in colour and size. Functioning parameters and temperatures can be personalized and dispensers can be software-regulated, introducing the dose required directly in g/l.

Wash Programmes

Permit extremely versatile operation combined with maximum ease of use: specialized cycles make it possible to deal effortlessly with an everyday mix of wash-ware, from fine glassware to plates and pans, adapting duration and consumption to the type of food soil to be removed. Fast, easy program selection is assured by the electronic interface.


With electromechanical and digital user friendly control panels, these dishwashers are simple to operate. These feature three single action push and soft touch buttons and control lamps. The models are extremely easy to dismantle and clean. All of these features ensure that even a layman can operate these machines and provide a hygienic wash to your wares.
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  • General
    • Plate Rack (cm)Yes (50 x 50)
    • Flat Rack (35 x 35 cm)Yes, (50 x 50)
    • Cultery ContainerYes
    • Fill HoseYes
    • Drain HoseYes
  • Technical Sepcifications
    • Dimension (cm)197 x 77
    • Dimesnion with Dryer (cm)257 x 77
    • Detergent DispenserStandard
    • Electrical power supply (V/Hz/Ph)400/50/3
    • Productivity (Rack/hr)65/130/170
    • Rinse aid dispenserStandard
    • Total length (mm)1970
    • Water Consumption (L/hr)280
    • With 15*C water feed (kW)30.6
    • With 50*C water feed (kW)21.1
    • With 50*C water feed (kW) and heat recovery system25.6
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  • Features
    • Archimedes Drain SystemYes
    • Composite material double filter on pump intakeYes
    • Deep Drawn tank with built-in stainless steel filterYes
    • Deep drawn, easy clean rack guidesYes
    • Drain PumpOptional
    • Electronic SoftstartYes
    • Evolution drain system and drain pumpYes
    • Full double skin constructionYes
    • Fully Moulded TankYes
    • Moulded Tank BottomYes
    • No. of standard wash programmes3
    • Open boiler with break tank and rinse pumpYes
    • Partial Double skin constructionYes
    • ProSelf - self clean cycleYes
    • ProSmart electronic interfaceYes
    • ProSmart LED type electronic interfaceYes
    • ProStrain shock-proof composite material tank filterYes
    • Protect environment improvement systemYes
    • Shock Proof Plastic Pump FilterYes
    • Smart Screen LCD interfaceYes
    • Ultra Rinse SystemYes
    • Wash system with DuoFlo pumpYes
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