Fabo - Stain Remover

Nobody likes stains! Especially hard to remove ones.

IFB essentials Fabo is a water based chlorine free pre-wash stain remover that gets rid of stubborn stains without harming the natural fibres of the fabric.


  • Effective against stains caused by protein and non-protein based substances such as egg, blood, grass, tea, coffee, wine, oil, ketchup etc.

  • Equally good in removal of grime from cuffs and collars, making them as good as new.

  • No soaking and scrubbing of stains is required.

  • Does not contain bleach. Absolutely safe for clothes.

  • Extremely cost-effective. Only a few drops are needed to treat the stains.

Quantity: 100 ml

Online priceD200
Category Manual
EMI option is available

Place the stained fabric on a hanger. Hold the spray bottle in upright position. Spray uniformly on stained area from a distance of 5 – 6 inches. Allow to soak for 5 – 10 minutes and wash as usual.


Do not use with silk, georgette or woollen fabrics.

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