Protecta Liquid - Limescale Preventer

Metallic compounds in hard water not only reduce the life of your washing machine but also result in increased detergent usage, higher power consumption and poor wash quality. They also deteriorate the natural softness and shine of your fabrics.

IFB essentials Protecta Liquid is a limescale preventer that neutralises such impurities and prevents formation of limescale deposits inside your washing machine.


  • Protects the heating elements, pipes and drum of your washing machine by preventing limescale formation inside the machine.

  • By reducing water hardness, it reduces detergent consumption as well as power consumption and improves the efficiency and longevity of your machine.

  • Improved machine performance means a delightful wash experience for your clothes.

Quantity: 500 ml

Online priceD250
Category Manual
EMI option is available


  • General
    • Application Description

      ½ cup = 20 ml

      Add ½ cup to your laundry detergent in the main wash compartment of the dispensing drawer.

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