Fabo Stain Remover Pen  - Be Always Stains Ready

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Fabo Stain Remover Pen - Be Always Stains Ready

By IFB | August 31, 2021

Stains can come up anywhere - in the office, in the party, or outing with kids

Imagine you're out for a business meeting, wearing your finest white sparkling shirt, and you see an ink stain on your shirt right there! Ewww! Similarly, you could be out on a picnic when you see your child's dress has mud stains on it.

You wouldn't rush home to soak the garment and wash the stain in such an unpredictable circumstance, would you? We understand how much you wish you had a magic wand in your hand at the time to remove that obstinate stain from your cloth. Isn't it true that stains are unappealing?

How could you possibly save yourself from such an unpleasant situation? What do you think it is? We're convinced you'll adore it if we give you a magic wand that can remove all those stains in a jiffy.

What is IFB essential Fabo Stain Remover Pen?

The Fabo Stain Remover Pen is a magic wand that can remove that tenacious dirt and stains from your garments in a flash!Fabo is a water-based, chlorine-free pre-wash stain remover pen that removes stains without affecting the natural texture of your clothes or fabric.

This amazing stain remover pen works like magic on garments and fabrics, removing tough stains and grime while keeping them smooth and lustrous. However, the enchantment is mostly due to its key ingredients.

The foremost is hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down the molecular structure of food colors, allowing color and stain to be readily removed. This component attacks and dissolves the color-causing stains. IFB Fabo stain removal pens contain hydrogen peroxide, which is gentle enough not to contact the colors of your clothes.

Various surfactants and detergents that grasp stain molecules to help remove them from the garment; and, most importantly, liquid, which stimulates the surfactants and helps them jet off stains, are also critical ingredients in Fabo that make it magical. Finally, magnesium sulfate, often known as Epsom salt, aids in the speedy drying of the spot.

Usability of IFB Fabo Stain Remover Pen 

We understand that no one likes stains, which is why IFB has come up with this wonderful stain remover essential idea that will help you get rid of stains no matter wherever you are. Yes, we mean anyplace since the Fabo stain removal pen is a pocket-friendly solution to your stains that you can bring with you wherever you go. 

Fabo stain removal pen is designed for those unforeseen instances where getting rid of stains with water and following the normal process of soaking to washing to wash off the stains is not possible. Don't worry, you now have this really useful and portable stain removal pen with you. You can easily bring this helpful stain remover pen on the go to your office, a party, a get-together, or an outing. We are confident that you will not hesitate to give it to your teenagers to use while they are out playing or attending an event or a party because stains can get you caught anyplace.

What are IFB Fabo Stain Pen features?

  • Gently removes the stains in a jiffy

Fabo stain pen is a chlorine-free, water-based pre-wash stain remover that removes tough stains swiftly while keeping the fabric's natural fibers. The Fabo stain remover pen is gentle on fabrics and does not alter their natural texture.

  • Portable and convenient

Stains can occur anywhere, but as long as you have this budget-friendly solution on hand, you won't have to worry about those unwelcome upsets. All you have to do is to rub the Fabo stain remover pen on the stain to remove it right away.

  • Removes different kinds of stains

Don't worry if you have a stain on your clothes from ketchup, soya sauce, chocolate, grass, mud, tea, coffee, or gel pen ink; whether you're traveling, at a conference, or attending a long-awaited party, a stain on your clothes will merely ruin your mood. Take out your magic wand - the IFB Fabo stain remover pen - and use it to remove the stain without any hassle.

  • No bleach product

Bleach is a very old, traditional, and widely used method of stain removal in houses. In reality, some well-known brands include a little quantity of bleach in their products, however, the IFB Fabo stain removal pen is unfazed by bleach. This product does not contain any bleach since we want to preserve the fabric's gloss and texture.

  • No soaking & scrub

IFB Fabo makes it simple to remove even the toughest stains from your garments without soaking or scrubbing them. Yes!  you read that correctly. There's no need to soak and scrub stains, and there's no need to use water. In reality, our stain remover pen is designed specifically for outdoor usage where there is no access to water and it is difficult to remove stains without it. In such cases, this truly acts as a magic wand.

  • Budget-friendly

The IFB Fabo pen is a budget-friendly option that won't burn a hole in your pocket. You merely need a few drops to remove the stains and you're done.

  • Less time-consuming

It only takes a minute or two to use the Fabo stain pen to remove a stain from your clothes, which is why we recommend having it with you wherever you go because you can trust the Fabo stain pen but not the stains.

How to Use IFB Fabo Stain Pen For Stain Removal?

Step-1 WIPE to remove any stain residue with napkin or cloth

Step-2 PRESS the tip onto the stain to release the solution 

Step-3 RUB the tip over the stain to gently remove it

Step-4 DAB with a damp cloth to remove any excess solution




  • Respect garment care label
  • Do not use on dry clean only clothes, wool, silk, linen, or spandex.
  • Always check colorfastness beforehand.
  • Does not work well on blood and grease stains.
  • Wipe the pen tip clean or rinse with water after each use.



  • Do not apply on the skin or swallow.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.
  • In case of eye contact, flush the eye with water immediately and consult a physician.


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