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Limo (200gm)

What if we told you that you can keep your clothes from looking old and dull after repeated washes? When it comes to making, clothes look whiter and brighter, IFB Limo, a 100% chlorine free optical fabric brightener which turns UV light into visible blue light, is your best bet. It infuses shine into your washed clothes without harming them or your machine. Now you can keep your favourite shirt shining like it is brand new forever.
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With machine wash: Put a heaped teaspoon (10 g) of Limo in the detergent dispensing tray along with 30 g of detergent. Or, put 10 g of Limo directly into the drum along with clothes. Use hot wash program.

With hand wash: Dissolve a heaped teaspoon (10 g) of Limo in warm water along with detergent. Soak clothes for 15-20 minutes then wash as usual.

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