RC 150 Plus

This multi-speed rack conveyor dishwasher can wash up to 120 baskets per hour and is ideal for small and medium-size operations. Its compact dimensions and versatility can profitably substitute manual washing without increasing running cost. It can be easily installed in various kitchens since the flow of dishes on the machine can be inverted to suit the kitchen layout. The hygienic wash quality is perfectly complemented with water and detergent savings.


  • General
    • Plate Rack (cm)Yes (50 x 50)
    • Flat RackYes, (50 x 50)
    • Cultery ContainerYes
    • Fill HoseYes
    • Drain HoseYes
  • Technical Sepcifications
    • Dimension (cm)115 x 77
    • Dimesnion with Dryer (cm)175 x 77
    • Electrical power supply (V/Hz/Ph)400/50/3
    • Productivity (Rack/hr)60 - 120
    • Total length (mm)1150
    • Water Consumption (L/hr)160
    • With 15*C water feed (kW)28.5
    • With 50*C water feed (kW)22
    • With 50*C water feed (kW) and heat recovery system23.5
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  • Features
    • Drain PumpOptional
    • Electronic SoftstartYes
    • Evolution drain system and drain pumpYes
    • Full double skin constructionYes
    • Fully Moulded TankYes
    • Moulded Tank BottomYes
    • No. of standard wash programmes2
    • Partial Double skin constructionYes
    • ProSmart LED type electronic interfaceYes
    • ProStrain shock-proof composite material tank filterYes
    • Protect environment improvement systemYes
    • Shock Proof Plastic Pump FilterYes
    • Smart Screen LCD interfaceYes
    • Wash system with DuoFlo pumpYes
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  • Mainwash Module
    • Length (mm)1150
    • Tank Volume (Ltr)70

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