Sunfresh All-in-1 Dryer care

Give your clothes a unique sundry fresh fragrance with IFB Sunfresh All-in-1 Dryer. Just place your washed laundry in the dryer bag when drying to simultaneously deodorise your clothes dryer and add a long-lasting pleasant fragrance to your clothes.


  • Dryer bag will deodorise the dryer.

  • Infuse a citric Fragrance for loving & long lasting memory.

  • Freshness of sundry can be experienced by the use of Sun fresh in IFB clothes dryer.

  • Quantity: 1( up to 15 Cycles)

Online priceD200
EMI option is available


  • 1. Place the dryer bag inside the dryer along with clothes.
  • 2. Use the IFB dryer as per instructions.
  • 3. After drying, take the dryer bag & place in the zip lock pouch to preserve fragrance.
  • 4. Dryer bag can be used up to 15 cycles. 

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