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Descal - Washing Machine
Appliance Descaler - 100 g
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Machine Care

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  • Is limescale build-up causing issues in your appliances?

    Compounds such as calcium and magnesium leave deposits on your washing machine’s parts with every wash. These affect the heating elements and reduce its efficiency and longevity.

    IFB essentials DESCAL acts instantly on stubborn residues, dissolves limescale deposits and drains them out with the wash water. It restores the machine parts affected by limescale to their original condition and leaves the machine drum sparkling clean.


    • Reduces maintenance cost of the machine and saves power.
    • Gently removes limescale without causing damage to other parts of the machine.
    • It can also be used for your coffee makers, electric kettles, showerheads or steam irons.

    Quantity: 100 g

  • General
    • Application Description

      For fully automatic washing machines: Pour 1 packet of powder into the machine drum and run the longest program, without any clothes, with the temperature between 40–60˚C. Once finished, clean and refix the fluff filter. Run the rinse program with plain water.

      For showerheads: Detach the showerhead or remove the sprinkler nozzle. Dissolve 1 tablespoon (15 g) of the powder in a plastic mug filled with hot water and mix it with a wooden/plastic spoon.

      Leave the solution till the effervescence stops.

  • Manufacturing,Packaging & Import Details
    • Manufacturer's Details Revachemicals Pvt Ltd Plot No 26, S No 824/3, Devan and sons Udyog Nagar, Mahim, Palghar, Maharashtra 401404
    • Packer's Details Revachemicals Pvt Ltd Plot No 26, S No 824/3, Devan and sons Udyog Nagar, Mahim, Palghar, Maharashtra 401404
    • Country Of Origin India
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