Autodish - Dishwashing Salt

Metallic impurities present in hard water adversely affect the life of your dishwasher as well as result in higher detergent consumption and poor wash quality.

IFB essentials Autodish Dishwasher Salt helps reduce the hardness of water and protects your dishwasher from limescale deposits. Its regular usage keeps dishwashers corrosion-free and improves detergent performance.


  • A unique granular structure, designed to provide right consistency and uniform action throughout the wash cycle.

  • Suitable for all types of automatic dishwashers.

  • 100% appliance and environment friendly.

Quantity: 1 kg

Online priceD150
Category Manual
EMI option is available


  • General
    • Application Description

      Fill the dispenser of your dishwasher with the product as per directions given in the appliance’s user manual.

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