Steam Generator ROFB 708

The Tufftec Multi Fuel Steam Generator can be operated with either Diesel or LPG. It is manufactured to exacting IBR standards, with each boiler being stamped by the IBR Inspectorate Authority with a certificate being issued. It also comes equipped with IBR certified safety valves, reputed Swedish burners and electronic water level controllers.


  • General
    • Dimension (W x D x H - mm)1080x2290x1245
    • Net Weight (kg)625
  • Technical Specifications
    • Steam Outlet (inch)1
    • Steam Output (Kg/hr)100
    • Number of Steam Connections1
    • Diesel Consumption (Ltr/hr)5
    • Operating Pressure (Bar)5
    • Water Pump Capacity (kW)0.75
    • Water inlet (Inch)0.75
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