Colour & Dirt Catcher

Now you can wash your colour, black and white clothes together, thanks to the IFB essentials Colour & Dirt Catcher that absorbs running colour and loose dirt during the wash cycle, preventing it from staining other clothes and keeping your clothes looking like new for longer.


  • No need for doing separate wash loads for colour, black and white clothes

  • Picks up loose dirt to keep your clothes looking like new for longer

Quantity: 30 Sheets


Online priceD250
EMI option is available

Usage Instructions

  • Use 2 sheets for medium dyed garments and 3-4 sheets for heavily dyed garments
  • Place 1 sheet in the washing machine, before adding detergent and clothes
  • For front loads place the sheet in the drum of the machine
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics at all temperatures


Store in cool, dry place

Important Usage Information

New colored clothes should always be washed separately, as product performance cannot be guaranteed in case of excessive amount of color run. Always check garment care label and machine fabric loading instructions.

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