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Liquid Detergent
Woollens & Silks - 945 ml
Product Category Name
Fabric Care

Offer Price ₹380
  • Do you only dry clean your woollens to prevent them from losing shape and your silks from shrinking?
    IFB essentials Liquid Detergent for Woollens & Silks will preserve the texture, colour and shine of your woollens and silks, keeping them snuggly warm and silky smooth.


    • A specialised formula avoids shrinkage or stretching and helps retain the shape and style of your favourite clothes.
    • Use effortlessly in a washing machine; works equally well with hand washing.
    • Does not leave particle residue on your clothes or machine parts.
    • Its pH-balanced formula helps ensure longevity.

    Quantity: 945 ml

  • General
    • Application Description

      1 cup = 20 ml

      For regular loads, 2 cups

      For heavily soiled loads, 3 cups

      Handwashing: Add 1 cup in a bucket of 10 L of water (washes 8 – 10 clothes)

  • Manufacturing,Packaging & Import Details
    • Importer's Details IFB Industries Ltd.
    • Country Of Origin Belgium
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