Liquid Detergent for Woollens & Silks

IFB essentials Liquid Detergent for Woollens & Silks will preserve the texture, colour and shine of your woollens and silks, keeping them snuggly warm and silky smooth. Protect your favourite clothes with special Silk Proteins and keep them in style forever.


  • Special Silk Proteins avoid shrinkage and stretching and help retain the shape and style of your favourite clothes.

  • Use effortlessly in a washing machine; works equally well with hand washing.

  • Unlike powder detergents, Liquid Detergent for Woollens & Silks does not leave undesired particle residue, either on machine parts or on your clothes.

Quantity: 945 ml

Online priceD425
Product Manual Category Manual
EMI option is available

1 cup = 35 ml

Fully Automatic Machine Wash

For regular loads, 1 cup

For heavily soiled loads, 1 + ½ cups

Hand Wash

Add 1 cup in a bucket of 10 L of water (washes 8 – 10 clothes)

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