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Adding Flavour to Your Life

Spice Secrets is an exciting program launched by IFB to enhance your cooking by making it easier, tastier and more enjoyable.

Whether you are tired of heating up takeaways or are looking at broadening your repertoire of signature dishes, Spice Secrets is a great way to enhance your cooking skills using an IFB Microwave Oven. IFB Spice Secrets will take you on an adventure that will kick repurposed food to the curb at the push of a button. With 50 IFB chefs across the country and an average of 900 classes conducted monthly, come discover hassle-free techniques that will let you dish out delectable flavours and exciting textures sans the tedious, long-drawn process of conventional cooking.

Enroll in our free programme today and open up to a whole range of culinary experiences with IFB.

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