Instructions for Adding and Connecting Bluetooth Machines

Downloading the My IFB App

► My IFB app can be downloaded from Google Play Store on Android phones and from Apple App Store on iPhones.

► Download and install the app on your smartphone.

Log in/Registering with the My IFB App

► To add the appliance, it is required to log in to the app.

► To log in, make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet.

► Open the My IFB app.

IFB app bluetooth connectivity

►If you are a first-time user, you must register to use the app.

►Tap the ‘Register’ button, enter your details and complete the registration process.

IFB app registration bluetooth connectivity IFB app login bluetooth connectivity

►Users who are already registered can directly log into the app by tapping the ‘Log in’ button.

IFB app add appliance

Adding and Connecting Appliances in My IFB App

►To add a machine in the My IFB app, tap the ‘Add Appliances’ button in the Appliances section of the app.

►Enter the serial number of the machine manually or scan the barcode to get the serial number. Tap ‘Next’ to proceed.

IFB app meachine connectivity

►Verify your appliance’s details. You can also rename the appliance by tapping the edit symbol.

►After renaming your appliance, tap the ‘OK’ button.

IFB app bluetooth wifi connectivity

Adding a Bluetooth Device

►After tapping the ‘Next’ button, the Bluetooth appliance will be added to the Appliances screen.

►Tap the appliance and allow My IFB to turn on Bluetooth to connect the appliance.

ifb app bluetooth connection

Scanning Nearby Bluetooth Devices

►After allowing My IFB to turn ON Bluetooth it will scan for nearby devices.

►If it does not recognise any device, tap ‘Retry’.

►After scanning nearby devices, tap the device displayed on the Available Devices screen and it will show that your appliance is connected.

IFB app bluetooth washining meachine connectivity

►Tap the appliance to select wash programs.

IFB app bluetooth wash programs