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With the government-issued lockdown and restrictions due to COVID-19, product shipments will be delayed. We appreciate your cooperation and are looking to serve you at the earliest.

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IFB Built-in Ovens

From turbo heater to side ladders to super grill - just a few of the features packed into IFB Built-in ovens which make all the roasting and baking a breeze. Our built-in ovens are low on energy consumption and easy to maintain.
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  • IFB 656 ETC-E-TRC Built in Oven

    IFB 656 ETC/E-TRC 58 ltrs l Convection

    Built in Oven

    MRP D43,990 Online priceD39,591

    IFB 656 ETC/E-TRC 58 ltrs l Convection