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We make products that go through tests that ensure these products meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and technology, promising you a lifetime of great experience. To enhance your peace of mind while owning an IFB, we always recommend that you register your product and your contact details with IFB, so that we may check up on your IFB machine periodically and attend to your queries about them. Apart from taking regular updates on the performance of your machine and proactively attending to any issues regarding them, having your contact details updated with us helps you in many ways.

Stay Informed About Your Service Requests:

If you have registered any service requests with us, having your correct contact details helps us keep you informed on the date and time of visit by our trained professionals to service your IFB machine and, reschedule appointments if necessary. It also helps us take feedback on the quality of the service and your satisfaction with the trained professional who attended to your service request.

Receive information on Product Upgrades and New Launches:

We are constantly innovating to bring new exciting offering to the market. Having your correct contact details with us help us inform you about them first before anyone else comes to know.

Receive Information About Periodic Promotional Offers:

From time to time we run lucrative promotional offers across our range of products. Having your correct contact details with us ensures that you don’t miss out on these offers.