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Washing Machine Dos and Don’ts

What should you do (or don’t do) to ensure hassle-free operation, long life and safety of your front load or top load washing machine?

We’ve compiled certain washing machine dos and don’ts that you should follow.

Washing Machine Dos

  • DO switch off your machine after use. This helps conserve energy and reduces the risk of fire.
  • After a wash cycle, DO allow your washing machine to cool for at least 4 hours before starting another cycle.
  • DO refer to the wash care symbols and instructions before you wash branded or expensive garments.
  • DO wash coloured clothes separately if you’re not using a colour catcher. Washing mixed loads may lead to colour runs and stain your clothes.
  • DO pre-treat stains, if any, on your fabrics using a good stain remover. Pre-treatment removes the possibility of stains spreading to other clothes.
  • DO clean the washing machine occasionally. Run a tub clean program, use a descaler for removing limescale deposits and clean the washing machine parts such as inlet filter, lint filter and door rubber gasket.
  • DO keep your washing machine door and detergent tray open after a wash cycle. This helps avoid odour and mould formation by allow moisture to escape.

Washing Machine Don’ts

  • DON’T forget to empty the pockets of your shirts and trousers of things such as coins, keys and other items that may damage your washing machine or get damaged themselves.
  • DON’T overload your washing machine. It will reduce wash efficiency and may damage the washing machine drum.
  • DON’T fill water manually in either front load or top load washing machines. Water should always enter the machine through the inlet hose.
  • DON’T keep candles, diyas (earthen lamps), heaters, iron or lamps on top of a washing machine.
  • DON’T keep a gas cylinder near a washing machine.
  • DON’T keep a washing machine on wooden plank or cupboard.
  • DON’T add any kind of chemical, including petrol or dry cleaning agent, in a washing machine.
  • If the machine’s outer body becomes hot when you use hot wash program, DON’T worry. It is normal.
  • DON’T wash just one or two clothes. Drum must be at least 40% loaded for starting a wash program. If not sufficiently loaded, the machine will be in an unbalanced condition and program time extends. Clothes will not dry and machine may show the ‘UnbL’ error code.
  • DON’T install or reinstall a washing machine yourself. Installation must be done by a trained IFB Service Technician. Please register your request through this app.
  • DON’T expose your washing machine to direct sunlight or rain.
  • DON’T use electrical extension boxes/5A to 15A converter. Use a regular 16A socket on wall for plugging in the machine.
  • DON’T run a washing machine on a generator or inverter. The same applies for appliances like dishwasher, dryer and microwave oven.

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