Dishwasher vs Hand washing: Which is Better?

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Dishwasher vs Hand washing: Which is Better?

By IFB | July 13, 2020

Are you staring at a pile of dishes to be cleaned even as you worry about your deliverables during work from home?

Do you gaze at your dry hands after you’ve washed a load of dishes without any help?

Do you end up feeling broken when your favourite glass or crystalware breaks?

Are you frequently giving dishes another wash after finding food leftovers stuck on them?

If your answers to the above are a “Yes,” it is time you contemplate buying a dishwasher. As comfortable as we are with the concept of washing the dishes by hand, there are some distinct advantages and benefits of dishwasher over hand washing.

Considering hygiene, time, cost, environmental impact, and wash quality which is better – dishwasher or hand washing? Take a look.

Excellent Hygiene

We live in a time when health and hygiene have taken top priority. A time when we need to ensure that every person entering our house is safe for our family. If you’re not confident about how hygienic a person doing your chores is, a dishwasher is a safer alternative. Combining zero touch with hot wash, steam drying and strong detergent, a dishwasher gives the most sanitised dishes ever, along with keeping your kitchen free of any transmission of germs.

Less Time

Your work from home, conference calls and presentations are piling up, only for you to realise that dishes need cleaning. Handwashing utensils used for meals in a normal household of four people takes at least 30 minutes. Add to this some time to air dry or wiping them off with a cloth. On the contrary, an IFB Dishwasher takes a total of 15 minutes from loading the dishes to unloading them, ready to use.

Superior Washing

While washing dishes by hand is possible only with water at room temperature, IFB dishwashers use hot water and wash temperatures of up to 70°C, which kills 99.99% germs and gives sparkling clean utensils without leaving any food sticking on them.

Better Wash Quality

Handwashing is usually done by a dish bar or liquid, and wash quality is by and large dependent on how rigorously you can scrub the dishes – a tedious task. A dishwasher removes these worries with the use of a strong detergent, hot water and steam drying. The result: flawless, hygienic dishes.

Safe for Hands

After around 30 minutes of your hands staying rinsed in water and detergent, you can visibly see the skin on your fingertips shrinking and folding. Doing dishes every day can remove the natural moisture and leave your hands dry. A dishwasher completely eliminates this problem with hands-free washing.

Less Water Used

Did you know that around 75 litres of water goes waste when dishes are done by hand? A kitchen tap remains open for around 15 minutes for a standard dish load and water flow rate is around 5 litres per minute. Compare that with only 9 litres of water consumed in the Eco Mode of an IFB dishwasher, and you end up saving the most precious natural resource on a daily basis.

Less Detergent Used

While there is no control over detergent usage when your house help does the dishes, you yourself might end up consuming as much as 90 grams on a single load. IFB dishwashers use only 30 grams per wash.

Zero Breakages and Scratches

A chipped bowl edge, a broken mug handle or a shattered glass – these are perhaps the most common sights during handwashing, especially when you’re pressed for time and hurrying to finish the chore and start with work. This problem becomes a good riddance when you use an IFB dishwasher such as Neptune SX1 IFB Dishwasher and Neptune VX Plus IFB Dishwasher . Special programs take care of your crockery without the fear of breakages or scratches. Placeholders are designed to keep the dishes perfectly secure without moving or touching each other.

Spend Less

A domestic help costs at least Rs. 1,000 a month for just doing the dishes. Multiply it with 7 years and you’ve spent Rs. 84,000 in total. A one-time investment on a dishwasher comes to around Rs. 35,000 and it will easily last 7-10 years. The math goes definitely in favour of the latter.

Dishwasher vs. Hand washing – Conclusion

The above benefits of a washing dishes by hand clearly outweigh our conventional inclination towards handwashing the utensils. As the world around us moves towards hygiene and technology enters every sphere of life, it is about time you make the shift from the tedious chore of washing dishes by hand to safe, easy dishwashing ... and set yourself free!

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