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Say goodbye to washing woes

Laundry Solutions

Say goodbye to washing woes

Dhobi dilemma IFB Laundry Tips As busy professionals, Anna and her husband Matthew follow flexible work shifts, making it extremely difficult for them to maintain a schedule that works with the neighbourhood dhobi. To complicate matters further, Matthew travels often on business and Anna’s elderly parents come to live with her for a couple of weeks every now and then. There is always a growing pile of dirty clothes that need washing and the couple are becoming increasingly frustrated that their busy lives leave them little time to get daily chores done.

To quit or not to quit Washing Tips from IFB With the new baby having just arrived, Sophie’s household has been in a state of excitement. But she is worried. Sophie has returned to work and her mother has now left, bringing the responsibility of running the household back onto her. Her little one, Miriam, has extremely sensitive skin, and her five-year-old, Thomas, appears to love the sand pit at school. Washing their clothes separately by hand along with all her other household tasks is taking its toll on her and she is afraid she might have to quit her job if she is unable to manage her home.

Running out IFB Tips to Wash Clothes Rita recently moved to Bangalore to train with the state hockey team and work part-time at a bank nearby. Her day is packed with training, and living alone makes it difficult to ensure she has a fresh set of workout wear free of grass stains for 5am every morning. Rita is also often in the starting line-up for matches every weekend when the team wears their striking white cotton uniforms. Exhausted from play, she resorts to buying extra sportswear to avoid running out. She needs an easy solution before the situation gets out of hand.

Sense of style IFB Style Tips Online Being a stylist at a prominent fashion house in Mumbai has been Anisha’s dream job. It allows her to wear the latest trends, try out new fabrics and be creative. Her wardrobe is filled with delicate silks, chiffons, satins and sheers that need careful handling when being cleaned. It seems like every day ends with the backbreaking task of washing each garment by hand to avoid damage. Anisha is always looking for a way out of this annoying chore so she can continue wearing her favourite clothes and also have more time to engage in creative hobbies.   Not everyone has the same laundry needs. IFB understands that these needs not only change with each family but also over time with the same family.

How can IFB help?

There is more to a washing machine than simply putting clothes and detergent in a chute and hoping it will do its thing. Types of fabric, the weight of each washing load, intensity of stains and even skin sensitivity come into play when searching for the ideal solution to your daily washing woes. IFB is aware of all these issues and, so after intensive research, has designed wash programs that deal with any fabric, stain situation or washing load to take care of your laundry with the mere touch of a dial. No matter how dirty your clothes are or what type of fabric they are made of, IFB’s easy-to-use wash programs help you get your desired result. Whether you have cotton, synthetic or delicate silk; whether it’s dark, coloured or whites that you’re trying to wash; perhaps even soft toys or curtains, IFB’s smart washing machines have a specialised program for each.

Stain Removal By IFB Washing Machine

Thanks to IFB, Anna and Matthew no longer have to worry about dhobi schedules or unannounced visits from parents. They simply choose the Mixed wash program when their laundry load consists of various fabric types, the Express’15 program when Anna is alone at home, and the Daily Wash program when they have visitors. Sophie, on the other hand, can now handle home and work with ease thanks to IFB’s special wash program for Baby Wear that automatically adds an extra hot rinse cycle to thoroughly remove detergent and keep clothes soft, and the Uniform program that ensures stain-free clothing with a strong and clean wash. IFB's Sports Wear IFB’s Sports Wear program is ideal for Rita, and she has fresh, clean workout wear ready every morning, while her match uniforms are spotless thanks to the Cotton Whites program.   And Anisha’s delicate clothes get a thorough pampering with the Cradle Wash program which uses a gentle rocking movement and slows spin speed to clean them with extra care. The smart washing machines have additional programs for lingerie, wool, jeans, shirts, silk sarees, and even duvets. If you are concerned about germs, the Hygiene wash program rids clothes of bacteria, while the Sanitize option kills allergens and treats the highly soiled material. Sanitization and Hygiene Tips from IFB Based on changing requirements, you can even choose a variety of different wash programs that suit your needs – Use Soilage if a particular garment is badly soiled, Water Plus if you want more water to rinse out a load, Pet Hair to remove fur from clothes and kill allergens, Quiet Wash to do your laundry at an odd hour of the night, Rapid Wash to complete the washing in a hurry, and Steam to keep your clothes soft, fresh and clean.   Fabric Care Tips   Thanks to IFB’s special air bubble and steam wash system, Anna, Sophie, Rita and Anisha do not need to worry about wear and tear on their clothes. They can even choose a delayed start to their washing or a special anti-crease cycle that takes the worry out of their day.How To Use IFB Washing Machine So choose IFB for laundry done in minutes with the care of a specialist. Explore the range of washing machines from IFB and turn an everyday chore into a pleasant and less time consuming one. Buy one here.

Don’t let stains get you down

Laundry Solutions

Don’t let stains get you down

Which one of these scenarios are you currently facing?

Soiled for school: Sports Stains Removal Tips As a working mother of two, Sarah juggles child care and her career as a 24/7 job, leaving barely any time for herself. Her eight-year-old daughter often turns up after football training with grass-stained shorts, and her teenage son somehow manages to stain his white uniform with ink almost every other day. It’s hard enough that she has to work and manage household chores every day, without having to make mid-week runs to the laundry or squat in the bathroom with a brush and detergent after midnight to clean their uniforms. Sarah is tired and frustrated with what is increasingly turning into a regular practice.

Wine & the dress: Three years into her corporate job, Rhea is finding that things are finally looking up – she has received a promotion and a pay raise, and is becoming one of the most dependable members inIFB Stain Removal Tips her team. She believes that striking appearances set her apart during meetings, and therefore spends her hard-earned money on upmarket clothing to enhance her image. At a recent networking do, while in the middle of an engaging discussion, she accidentally spilled wine down the front of her new Stella McCartney silk shift dress. It broke her heart to think that one silly mistake would land the new dress in the bin, all because she would never be able to get the stain out.

Pet problems: Pet Problem TipsVicky volunteers at an animal shelter close to his house after work. He loves playing with the growing puppies and kittens, and recently adopted a playful, fluffy brown dog he named Mutley. Even though living with Mutley is wonderful, Vicky can’t help finding fur on his trousers and shirts, and even on his linen at home. Keeping his house tidy and free of pet hair is proving to be exhausting and Vicky is concerned that he might have to give Mutley up. Stains often run deeper than the surface of our clothes and fabrics, affecting even our lives. IFB understands this and is here to make life better.

How can IFB help?

IFB understands that doing laundry is more than a routine of soak, lather, rinse, repeat. Sometimes, washing clothes means putting in a little more effort so your children can go to school wearing clean uniforms, so you can wear that trendy new dress again, or so you can 7enjoy time with your pets without having to worry about all the cleaning that comes after. That’s why IFB designs washing machines that take care of all these issues so that you don’t have to worry about them. IFB’s latest smart washing machines put stain removal at the forefront, offering easy solutions for a range of discolourations. They allow you to select programs according to the type of fabric and stain you want removed and offer options (light, normal or heavy) based on how badly stained a fabric is. There are programs for a variety of stains – from ink, cosmetic and tomato sauce to sweat, mud, beverages and even baby food. With an IFB washing machine, Sarah can now put her children’s clothes through a programStain Marks On Fabric specially designed for uniforms involving a strong and thorough wash for spotless garments. Now, it doesn’t matter how often they stain their uniforms or how late she finishes work. The children will have clean uniforms the next day, and Sarah will have more time on her hands. Rhea, on the other hand, can rest assured that her new dress is not ruined. With the Beverage Stain program, she’ll have it as good as new in minutes. For a particularly strong stain, she can also opt to put it through a pre-wash or choose Delicates if it is a garment she normally hand washes. The latter uses a very gentle movement to avoid stretching or damaging clothes, and she can now wear her new shift dress to look stunning yet again.   IFB Sports Wear Washing TipsIFB’s smart washing machines have a solution for Vicky too. All he has to do is opt for the Pet Hair Removal cycle, a special three-cycle program that loosens and rinses out fur from clothes and kills all allergens with a hot blast. Now, he and Mutley can enjoy many more moments together at home. All of IFB’s smart wash programs use a special air bubble and steam wash system that protect clothes from wear and tear. The steam wash refreshes clothes with fabric-penetrative steam that helps detergent break down even tough stains. The programs are most effective with IFB’s Fabo Stain Remover. Front Load Washing Machine UsesSo go ahead and don’t worry about the stain. IFB will take care of the rest. Explore the range of washing machines from IFB and turn an everyday chore into a pleasant and less time consuming one. Buy one here.

Do you trust your washing machine?

Laundry Solutions

Do you trust your washing machine?

Do you trust your washing machine with your denim jeans? Yes.

With your blankets and bedsheets? Sure.

Your t-shirts and polos? Of course.

But what about that lacy black dress you only slip on for special occasions?

Or the satin scarf on which you spent a little more than you should have?

Clothes Arrangement Tips

No way, right?

The Consumer Story

We at IFB have always put the needs of our customers first. We have always made it a point to design quality products that help set our IFB community free from household chores. And give them more time to spend with their family and for themselves.

We conducted extensive research and spoke to many homemakers to find out what kind of clothes they hand washed, and realized that despite many households owning a washing machine, they still voluntarily choose to wash a lot of their delicate garments by hand or by special laundry services. These garments can either be instructed to be washed so, or their washing machine's normal wash cycles tend to damage these delicate, expensive garments. Which is why people choose to invest their time by washing them by hand.

Why should our customers need to hand wash their delicate clothes? That's the challenge we threw at our R&D team. They spent months with customers to learn how they were hand washing their delicate clothes – the kind of detergents they used, the care they took to scrub out the dirt, the technique they used to rinse and squeeze the water out, etc.

In short, delicate clothes needed a delicate hand wash, so that they wouldn't get damaged.

Cradle Wash from IFB

Cradle Wash for delicate clothes was born out of the learnings from these studies. It almost mimics the care with which our customers hand wash their delicate clothes.

The features of this washing machine resemble that of the same techniques we use to wash delicate clothing with our hands. Meticulously structured to ensure the machine simulates the same movements, the following characteristics makes this washing process a class apart:

Cradle Wash

How does Cradle Wash work:

1. High water levels inside the drum

The Cradle Wash program makes sure that a high level of water is maintained so that your delicate clothes can glide and float free from harm inside the drum.

2. Stable drum inside the washing machine

The Cradle Wash has what is called a Stable Drum function, which holds the drum stationary inside the washing machine while the water fills, to protect your delicates from wear and tear that could be caused by friction with the moving drum.

3. Cradle washing motion of machine drum

The Cradle Wash program uses Cradle Motion to move at a low 35 rpm in a gentle swaying motion to cradle your clothes with extra care.

4. Slow spin speed to not damage delicate fabric

The Cradle Wash program ensures a gentle but thorough cleaning with its slow 400 rpm spin cycle.

When we finally showed the Cradle Wash program to customers they immediately loved it. We had finally created a 100% washing machine capable of cleaning all types of clothes.

Washing Machine Secure Washing Tips

Almost all IFB machines now have the Cradle Wash program integrated into the wash programs, making it convenient and easy for washing delicate clothes. So set yourself free with IFB and you'll have all the time in the world to play with your kids, read a book, treat yourself to a massage or do whatever it is that brings you happiness.

Laundry Tips & Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money!

Laundry Solutions

Laundry Tips & Hacks That Will Save You Time & Money!

Your clothes often define you, which is why they need extra care. But a hectic lifestyle does not give you the time and effort to take care of your clothing. So we have a quick list of simple solutions to common laundry problems.

1. Make those wrinkles vanish

If you don't have an iron on hand, worry no more. There is an easy and simple way for you to smoothen out your clothes. Hang your clothing in your bathroom, far enough from the shower so it won't get wet.

The steam from the shower will act a smoothening agent for your clothes.

But if you don't have the time, you can also use the anti-crease function, present in your IFB dryer. The dryer's gentle clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation action along with a stream of gentle hot and cool air ensures crease free drying.

2. DIY your fabric softener

Don't have one on hand? DIY a simple fabric softener using vinegar and you favorite essential oils. Mix 48 drops to dilute a cup of vinegar and leave your clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft.

Just in case you want something a bit more, IFB has you covered with its own range of fabric conditioners. Buy it here.

3. Baby powder for oil stains

Sprinkle a little baby powder over the oil stain and leave it on for minimum 30 minutes. The baby powder will help soak up all the oil from the fabric. Brush off the excess once done.

Stains On Shirts

4. Squeeze out those sweat stains

By squeezing some lemon juice into a spray bottle, you can spray them onto sweat stains before you wash them. The citric acid in the lemon juice will help lighten the stains.

Shirts Dirty Caused by Roll on Deodorant

5. Remove makeup stains

Ladies, do you hate getting foundation on the collars of your delicate dresses? Remove those stains with the use of a light shaving cream before you give them in for a wash.

Lipstick Stian on White Pants

6. Afraid of fading colours?

We all love a vibrant piece of clothing. But sometimes, with excessive washing, the colours of these favorite articles tend to fade. Protect them and their colour by adding a teaspoon of salt into the wash. Or you can also use LIMO, IFB's premium fabric brightener which does not contain any bleaching agents, making it equally suitable for coloured as well as whites. Buy here.

Assortment of Blue T Shirts

7. Even your washer needs a wash!

Add in a few cups of vinegar and wash your washing machine with the setting on hot and on the longest wash cycle. Pause the cycle on between and let it sit for an hour or two before resuming. The vinegar helps remove mold and bacteria from your machine.

8. Too cold or too hot?

Every wondered when to wash using hot water or when to cold?

Cold water is best suited for delicate items of clothing, including blouses and sweaters and also protects clothes from running colours.

Hot water is good for clothes that are infected, and heavy clothes like bath towels.


While these tips can help in keeping the most delicate clothes looking new, repeatedly following many of these steps can be time-consuming and a hassle. Labels on clothes can be confusing too. Also, not all clothes can be treated with these tips for successful results.

So it's time to free yourself from the daily hassles of washing. Take your pick from the wide range of IFB washers and dryers that come with a variety of features, catering all types of garments.

Leave the load on us and set yourself free today! Visit our website to know more.

How to Keep your Clothes Looking New

Laundry Solutions

How to Keep your Clothes Looking New

Females Hands Laying Down Colorful Clothes

How many times have you admired a new dress at a store and stopped yourself from buying it because you know that one wash is going to ruin it?

Taking care of clothes is not as simple as just washing them using additives and stacking them neatly, or just getting them dry-cleaned. In fact, as essential washing machines are today, they can also cause maximum damage to clothes. How can we then ensure that we get clean clothes without damaging the clothes?

Here are a few things that might help you:

Airing the clothes

Clothes Line Laundry

Make sure you air out the clothes you have worn for at least 30 minutes but avoid leaving the clothes in sunlight for hours. Sunlight can fade colours on your clothes.

Use cold water for laundry

Washing Machine Drum Interiors during Wash

Contrary to the popular belief, avoid using hot water to wash your clothes. Hot water can damage your clothes. Use hot water only for clothes that need a rough treatment, like sportswear.

Wash clothes inside out

Embroidered Lace Detail of Wedding Dress

This is a simple trick to prevent damage to the colour, prints and embellishments on the outside of your clothes. Clothes with delicate embroidery, lacework or beads etc. should always be washed inside out as they not only stand a chance of being spoilt, they can also damage other clothes.

Label instructions

Clothing Label with Laundry Care Tips

There's a good reason why fabric manufacturers add labels to the garments with cleaning instructions. However, understanding and following these instructions is not always easy. Fortunately there are a few washing machines available that can wash even the most delicate clothes with ease, without causing any damage to the clothes.

Treat limescale buildup

Electric Heater of Washing Machine

If you live in a hard water area and you have noticed your clothes go from soft to rough, more often than not it is because of limescale buildup. Getting a thorough wash in this water can be hard. While adding more detergent can largely solve the problem, it is tough on your clothes. Run an empty wash from time to time using a proprietary machine cleaner, to stop limescale deposits.

Use the right laundry essentials

IFB Laundary Essentials

Using excessive or harsh detergents can do more harm to your clothes than good. Make sure you use the right kind of washing essentials and additives for the clothes you wash, and also use only the recommended quantity. You can take a look at our range of IFB Laundry Essentials which are best suited for your clothes and washing machine.

Avoid overdoing laundry

Tshirt Stain Removal Tips

While regular washing and drying clothing ensures they remain clean and moisture-free, overdoing it can fade them and reduce their lifespan to a large extent. Unless they're heavily stained, clothes don't need to agitate for long periods of time. Your washing machine comes with many different wash programmes and settings. It is important that you understand the settings required for your clothes, so that you get clean clothes, and do not damage them in the process either. The key to keeping your clothes looking new is to take care of them diligently.

If you have any specific queries about wash programmes on IFB washing machines, contact us, and visit our website to take a look at our range of home appliances.