10 reasons Why You Should Buy an IFB Dishwasher

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10 reasons Why You Should Buy an IFB Dishwasher

By IFB | August 7, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore a changed world. Work from home is the new normal. Social distancing, health, hygiene and safety have become the utmost priority in everyone’s lives. Our productivity is being tested every hour as we try to create a balance between work deliverables and household chores. Entire families are home and eat-out options are reduced, which means increasing number of in house-meals. Subsequently, the huge and frequent pileup of utensils has led to frustration many times a day due to dishwashing. The absence of domestic help has further aggravated the stresses.

The good news is, these problems can easily be resolved if you use a dishwasher. Not only does an IFB Dishwasher set you free of worries about health, hygiene and safety, it also gives you more time to focus on work and family.

Here are top 10 reasons why you should buy an IFB Dishwasher for your family:

IFB Dishwasher Offers Germ-free Hygienic Wash

An IFB Dishwasher gives excellent hygiene and germ-free washing as utensils are cleaned at wash temperatures of up to 70°C and then steam dried, killing bacteria and germs and keeping you and your family safe.


100% Safety and 24x7 Dishwashing Comfort with an IFB Dishwasher

At a time when "social distancing" is the safest way to health and the support of domestic help is restricted, there is an additional load on you to wash the utensils. This headache can be easily removed with the help of a dishwasher without compromising on safety.


IFB Dishwasher is Made for Indian Kitchens

From sturdy kadhai to delicate crockery, IFB dishwashers such as Neptune SX1, Neptune VX Plus and Neptune VX can clean them all. Even the toughest of oil and masala stains disappear with a combination of hot wash, strong detergent and jet sprays.


IFB Dishwasher Saves Time

If you’re worried about your dishwashing chores in the morning, afternoon and evening more than you’re concerned about how to deliver work from home, a dishwasher is your perfect assistant. Just load the dishes and get them delivered clean in just 15 minutes – meaning more free time for your work deliverables and to spend with your family.


IFB Dishwasher Saves Water

An IFB dishwasher uses just 9 litres of water in Eco Mode as compared to around 75 litres wasted in handwashing. This is a great relief considering your water consumption has already gone up with all family members in the house.

Dishwasher or Washing Dishes by Hand: Which is Better?

IFB Dishwasher Saves Detergent

When you handwash the utensils, you might end up using around 90 gm per load. The amount of detergent used by an IFB dishwasher is just 30 gm.


No Harm to Hands with IFB Dishwasher

If you are dishwashing 2-3 times a day, your hands will turn dry and rough in no time. The problem is even worse for people with sensitive skin. With hands-free cleaning, a dishwasher poses zero health hazards for your skin.


IFB Dishwasher ensures Zero breakages

Even the most delicate of your china gets a secure wash in an IFB dishwasher. Dishwashers have special placeholders to keep your precious crockery and glassware safe without the possibility of rubbing against each other and breaking.


No Pre-Rinsing Needed in IFB Dishwasher

Just scrape away the leftovers into the bin as you would do before hand washing, and load the utensils in the dishwasher. No pre-rinsing is required.


Flexible Load option available in IFB Dishwasher

Even when the house help comes, she isn’t available throughout the day. We quite often wash a few utensils now and then to avoid them from piling up in the kitchen. In an IFB dishwasher, you can simply choose a Flexi Half Load option for fewer dishes.


Buying an IFB Dishwasher

Forget about dishwashing chores and throw your hygiene worries away, only to focus on your work from home, enhancing your productivity and spending more time with your family. Explore the IFB range of automatic dishwashers here.

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